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Tera Furs


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Yep becauswe i love this game and i havent seen a thread with this infos in it
So just post your name and server and whatever else you want like wether you looking for a leveling parting etc.

Devul lvl 29 mystic
Dragonfall Server
always looking for a partner to assist with mystic trash dps
I was gonna greentext this paragraph, but I'm too damn rambly to pull it off, so fuck it, here we go:

I hit 60 on my Warrior about 2 days ago (3 day, I don't fucking know). Anyway, begin the land of dailies and dungeon runs. Apparently, people are supposed to KoS (that is, Kick on Sight, in this case) people with less that optimal gear for dungeon runs when dealing with PUGs. So far, I've done 2 1/2 runs of FoK and a half a run of BT, getting paired with 4 man guild runs several times, and have yet to be kicked, and only once been teased for not having an Enig weapon (by a guy that didn't have an Enig chestpiece). In all of those runs, I've gotten 2 Enig drops (boots and chest) and I ended up buying a set of Enig gloves because they're cheap as hell when dealing with level 60 gear on the brokerage, and I've managed to convince everyone in my guild that I'm the luckiest bastard to ever run FoK (3 Enig drops in 2 runs, anybody?).

I don't know, maybe I am lucky, but it seems mostly like people aren't THAT bad at high levels; hell, I've seen more douchey lowbies PK camp people in the starting areas than I have people that kick for dungeon runs.

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I have an account, although I rarely play anymore due to shitty Internet.


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Lake of Tears Server (PvP)

Lvl 40 Priest
Lvl 58 Reaper

Elins are love, elins are life
Oh, I have this game somewhere on my pc XD started playing but then school happended ... guess I'm around lvl 25 or something with my main


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I have this ^_^ I need to join a friendly guild because playing solo while everyone is lv40+ And off doing their own thing is boring as hell. It seems like people invite you to their guilds just to get their numbers up, not to play a game with you.

i have 2 an Elin slayer & a popori warrior, I'll have to check level & server, I haven't been on in over a week since I got Elder scrolls online lol


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Never heard of that game before, but I just checked up some videos. The graphics are outstanding, and the gameplay seems great. I'll probably start to play in a few days :D

Eden Eternal is similar, but the graphics' theme is different.