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Resident Bronze Dragon Kasrkin
While I'm still on relative haitus from writing the main arc for my Immortal Trinity Chronicles series, I've been doing my best to keep up my creative spark for the universe it takes place in, and thus this worldbuilding side-project came about.

Immortal Trinity Chronicles is my longest-standing pet project as of late, having been in the works since before I discovered the fandom and having undergone many revisions since its initial conception. Initially created as a mythos behind a couple of drawings I drew at the time of two lizard people in modern clothing, in its current iteration the main arc covers the events surrounding twelve individuals who unwillingly became posthuman anthropomorphs by way of an experimental alien nanotechnology, and the impact that this has on a near-future humanity.

Terra Invictus is a potential far-future scenario for that setting.

Approximately 500 years have passed since an experimental alien nanotech, dubbed "Trinity", was introduced to humanity, back when "humanity" was commonly used to refer solely to Homo sapiens. These days, the definition of humanity is no longer confined to one species, but a conditional set of algorithms that owe their roots to the otherwise irrelevant species. Unaugmented sapiens still exist but as a vanishing minority (comparable to the Amish, or the more extreme example of the North Sentinelese, in the 21st Century) in a predominantly posthuman universe, where many of the new humans and their machina counterparts, having undergone drastic changes in their self-induced intelligent design, wouldn't be recognizeable as such by early 21st-Century standards.

Following a system-wide invasion in the late 21st-Century and a subsequent pre-emptive first contact with a similarly-threatened alien civilization of equivalent development, the United Nations rose in prominence to the status of world government as a necessity, born out of both global solidarity and the development of wormhole manipulation. The terrestrial nations of old, and a vast majority of their colonial successors on other worlds across the Orion Arm, serve largely administrative roles in this pan-human confederacy.

Trinity had consistently proven to be a gift that kept on giving. Supersoldiers aside, many Trinity-augmented humans have long contributed to the accelerated development of science and technology since the mid-21st, breaking new ground in fields that would have otherwise been overlooked. Wormhole manipulation, for instance, was pivotal in the early expansion of humanity across the width of the Orion Arm, and advances in terraforming technology, boosted by insights gleaned from our Taj allies, further amplified humanity's ability to consolidate its holdings.

Above all however, Trinity recently led to an unexpected development: ecological contamination, going as far back as the 21st Century, precipitated into a Gaian Singularity; Earth's biosphere, saturated with the symbiotic nanotech, "awoke" into a gestalt consciousness. Whilst largely taking on a motherly role as partially influenced by her insights into human myths, Terra (among other names she's adopted since her awakening) is very much comparable to a deity in influence, even to the demigod-like posthumans. With her children subconsciously acting as her conduits, and with such a vast array of knowledge and processing power at her disposal, virtually nothing happens within lightyears of human domains without her being aware of it. The silver lining to this utter lack of privacy, from a 21st-Century perspective, is that Terra largely leaves humanity to handle its own affairs. When push comes to shove however, she is not above assuming direct control to intervene, even if it's in an advisory role.

And may whatever higher power you believe in help you if you invoke her wrath.

As I've also done with ITC proper, I'm open to feedback and questions regarding setting-relevant specifics that any of you guys want me to discuss in further detail.