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Terry 'Stray'

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー

Terry 'Stray' Insert last name here (Last name is null unless taking its master's last name, being family and stuff)
Age: 21
Sex: "If I fitz, I iz it." (Translation = You guess?)
Species: random domestic cat "Seriously, I have no idea. Who cares..."
Height: < 170 cm (feet to head)
Weight: "No."

- Hair and fur: As the pic (planning on design renovation)
- Markings: As the pic (planning on design renovation)
- Eye color: Emerald green
- Other features:
Terry can shift its body to fit the needs, it's as the following:
Semi-furry: It might not look like too furry, but in fact the most 'skin' part is covered with short coat of fur. Apart from that, the ears, tail and whiskers stand out.
Furry: Yep it is a furry.
Feral: A cat.

Behavior and Personality:
Mysterical and reserved unless intentionally outgoing. It means you got their interests when Terry comes up to you. Likes to listen and observe, and tend to figure out the so-called 'analysis' to deal with everything, combined with the so-called 'instinctual sense'.
Sassy. Typically hostile to strangers, but is affectionate and full of charms to furiend fellows (oh yes it's you!) and other close ones. It's not very easy to either get much closer or ruin up the relationship with Terry. However, once you archieved a state, it's almost everlasting.

Shifter - Able to shift between semi-furry, furry and feral form.
Linguist - Fluent at English, Mandarin and Korean(and a slight bit of Japanese, German and Latin).

Delicacy - What? You can't even get the top off this tiny bottle?---sort of things happen all the time.
Submissive - Tend to get extra intimate and/or obedient to its master, if there should be any.
Alcohol - Becomes extra extrovertish and/or flirty as Terry's reason fades when drunk.
Quicksilver - You don't know what the cat is up to, and the cat itself has no idea as well.

Affection, collar, respect.
Affectation, detention, oppression.

The young Terry used to be an obedient kid. However, odds happened over and over though Terry was trying. After all, faiths lost, hopes drain, Terry had it with its life.
The stray is now on its second chance of life, became true to its instinct. Terry started a new approach to the world it had once experienced for two decades, hoping it not to turn down as another 'failure'. Terry's extra-delicate heart is scarred, will Terry make up for the keenest goal?

Clothing/Personal Style:
Always wearing glasses(unless Terry's reason fades), prefers casual wear mainly as hoodies and pants, a dark mouth mask, and a red collar with a silver bell(Lead is preferred). Besides, a few of the uniforms are preferred, such as police officer uniforms.


KakaoTalk_20191004_125502008.jpg furry

Goal: Getting a master.

Cat - Meow. (You don't need further explanations 'bout this)
Paw-drawing skill - Smartphone screen digital painting(no smart-pens or anything extra).

Personal quote:
You only live once. -???-
"Nah, you don't know me, I still got 8 more." -Terry 'Stray'-

Typical quotes according to intimacy status:
...... (Absolutely nothing to speak to strangers)
Like if I would care... (Hostile/Alerted)
Meow! (Neutral/Jack-of-all-trades cry)
Need a paw? (Friendly)
Terry wannah...! (Intimate)

Theme song: (None yet)

Birthdate: "You don't need to know."

Star sign: Virgo

Favorite food: Meat and fish, raw or cooked. Just not too jerky. Hard seafoods are fine too if shelled.
Favorite drink: Lemonades (despite the sensitive tongue)
Favorite location: Garden, bushes, sidewalks with a few trees. Must be able to gaze up the sky.
Favorite weather: Windy, cloudy and rainy.
Favorite color: Black and white. Gray is fine too.

Least liked food: Hard-shelled seafoods not shelled. Spicy-hot food hurts too.
Least liked drink: Lemonades (because the sensitive tongue) <<<???
Least liked location: Crowded forest of concrete buildings
Least liked weather: Overly sunny.

Favorite person: Terry itself
Least liked person: Also Terry itself
Friends: "You don't need to know."
Relations: "I used to have a master, you know."
Enemies: Basically every offenders.
Significant other: "I dont wanna..."
Orientation: Digital artist, freelance pet.

"Meeeeooooww-!" >:3