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(Commission) Selling: Teru's Commissions! (SFW only) ($6~$30+)


MirrorTeru literally everywhere else
Hello, I am accepting commissions!

First off: Kofi commissions! Small chibis for $6/Two Ko-Fi's! Check out my Ko-Fi here!

Now, the main commissions!

Also won't draw: anything hateful.
Contact me either via notes on my furaffinity account, deviantart, or via my twitter in DM's, which I recommend the most.

Please please PLEASE provide a visual reference for what you want me to draw, OC or fanart or whatnot.

All will be Fully lined, colored, and shaded. Pattern backgrounds have no extra cost, but adding more of a setting would be $5+ extra.

All payment will be done in via paypal invoices.

I must receive full payment before starting on the drawing.

Reference Sheets count as $50, a full body + $20 for the back view. Expressions count as headshots, so $5 per expression.

Headshots can also count as icons, if you want.

Commissions should take a couple weeks to a month once I start them, though if there's more in line(or life hits) it may take longer! I will be sure to tell you what place you'd be in and when I start.

Commissions are posted on in my furaffinity gallery, deviantart gallery and my tumblr by default, but if you wish for it to stay private, ask me! It might cost a bit extra tho.

Along with that, if you want to post it on your own gallery (here or elsewhere), you can! It's your commission, do what you want, as long as it isn't anything defaming, and as long as you link back to me and credit me! (This also includes if you like, want art for a video or something--- I'm totally cool with that, just pleeeease credit me and perhaps link back to this post.)

If you have any questions, message me! I'd be happy to explain or talk stuff out.



Extra Examples:

(this is also an example of a simple setting background)
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MirrorTeru literally everywhere else

I also did some Pride icons last night of my Rin and Kaito. They would count as headshots if you'd like me to draw icons for your characters. :0



MirrorTeru literally everywhere else
Bump! Including a couple commissions I finished.

A reference sheet for Wolfy1320 (I do accept reference commissions, but since this was the first one I took, and hadn't considered them before, I will need some time to totally figure out how I wanna price them. Once I do I'll add the info to the main post. For now, it's basically around the price of two full bodies(a little less though--so $50? hm.) + if you want headshot expressions.)

A headshot / Icon commission for Greenver_420.
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