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TF2 Content project.


Wild lunatic!
Well guys lately i've had some odd ideas. Mostly thanks to my new love of the game Team Fortress 2. hahahahah

As a 3D modeller and learning you can make your own stuff and import into the game i recently came up with some class based item sets.
heres what i currently have I only lately came up with a set idea for the Demoman only at the moment.


Head: white hair wig with blue curlers but the hair can be colored by a paint can,tag thingy etc etc

Primary weapon: A exploding popcorn shooting stickybomb gun i aptly named the Explodicorn Popper

Secondary: A remote control that will randomly explode any sticky bombs of a enemy or friendly demoman. Named the Remotin Smokin This one runs off a charge that will take 30 seconds to recharge the batteries and only have 2 uses as you are using batteries.

Melee weapon: a fly swatter named The Slicing Swatter.

Feet: pink fluffy slippers with the poofy thingy on the tip named Poofn'Footn

Name for the set will be.

Grandmas Trailer night.
hehehehehehhehehe some friends on a server i was playing on noted me they liked the idea. now i need to locate a template model i can use for scaling and accurate designing for each individual class and their respective models.