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TF2 - Meet the Sniper & Pyro Leak


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First off, here's the youtube version. I HEAVILY suggest HD from steam though.

After watching the video and coming across a wiki entry, I managed to find one of the pyros new weapons that I assume replaces the shotgun.

From what I could tell in the video, it launches something like a grenade.
When he fires it, it sounds sorta like the demoman's grenade launcher, and also leaves a trail of smoke.
I assume it sets people on fire?




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It's a flair gun.


The overall shape and the color of the projectile proves it. It is probably a long distance weapon, since the Pyro doesn't really have something that is long distance.

...like the rocket launcher from TFC. It would make sense.


Did someone say waffle?
is the pyro update coming to the xbox as well?


how is this a leak? Meet the Sniper and the Pyro weapon announcement were RELEASED the day of the OP. the Pyro patch is actually out as of yesterday.

is the pyro update coming to the xbox as well?
I don't believe xbox TF2 has been patched since release. hope unpatched dustbowl is working out well for you.