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From my experience, the TF2 community is NOT very nice to furries. I should know. I joined the Team Furtress community, and the amount of negative comments on my account was sickening. Has anybody else received such a negative response? Also, general TF2 thread.

Favorite Class: Spah.

Why: Invisibility? Check. Backstabbing? Check. Balaclava? Check.

Least Favorite Class: Demoman

Why: If anybody mentions racism I will shoot them :V. I think that he's hard to control and I only play Demoman if sentries are all over the place.

Favorite Gamemode: Capture the Flag, because of the awesome map 2Fort.

Verin Asper

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*playing on the TeamFurtress servers*
*Known crap tier furry server*

those losers, I'll stick with my saxton hell servers
From my experience, the TF2 community is NOT very nice to furries. I should know. I joined the Team Furtress community, and the amount of negative comments on my account was sickening. Has anybody else received such a negative response?

What the shit? Team Fortress 2 is completely infested with furries and bronies, what game are you playing?


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The TFP servers are crap, stopped playing on them ages ago.

Favorite Class: Spy

Why: Instant kills, heals from enemy medics, sowing paranoia and rage, keeping my allies infront on what the enemy is up to? What's not to like?

Least Favorite Class: Scout

Why: The character itself is obnoxious and annoying as fuck, the class plays fine but the voice overs make me want to reach through the screen and knock his teeth down his throat.

Favorite Gamemode: Payload on Gold Rush and Badwater


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Really? They seemed okay

The players are generally rather bad, chat is full of the most obnoxious 'typical' furry stuff you could imagine, porn coats the walls, stacking is par for the course, the hardware the server runs on is piss pour and chokes under load, and if there's an admin on they're on the loosing team or you're whipping their ass they'll boot you.

All in all pretty crappy, granted I haven't been there for months, but I doubt it's changed any.

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Really? They seemed okay
A server is crap tier if it crashes A lot

It have to be a crap tier if the usual conversations held in the chat is about "Hey who wants to cyber with this gay wittle wolfie"

Its crap tier when one of their admins bans you for trolling, for all you did was put a straight porn spray next to a gay one in the spawn room

I would rather go to the Furry pound than play in Furtress.
If I need to farm for kills for my strange weapons I will go to Furtress happily though as they have crap players who are too busy talking about porn or looking at em.

For now I'll stick with the furry friendly servers owned by the Saxton Hell group. Really the people who go to those servers are often surprised its a furry one, as its not blatantly furry murry purry. They reclassified themselves as a furry friendly one cause they didnt match how other furry servers are
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Who the hell farms kills for a strange? o_O That just seems kinda pointless....


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Ever since I started playing TF2, furry servers have this habit of having- and being ok with- hilariously stacked teams. This happens because some regulars (who happen to be okay at the game) always jump on the same team, I suppose due to an irrational fear of having a challenge or (gasp!) losing. The brony servers I tried playing on didn't have this problem as frequently, but immature admins mucking up the game drove me away. Losing doesn't entitle you to spawning the HHH so you can win.

My favorite class is... I dunno. I like all of them. I'm most accustomed to scout, because I love the hit-and-run tactics, as well as being able to mop up weakened opponents. Pyro is super fun (and imo, has the best hats). So on and so forth.

I don't have a class I dislike, but certain classes I'll only play a certain way, such as Demoknight, Trolldier, or Fat Spy/Special Needs Scout. (On a related-ish note, one time a heavy did nothing but follow teammates around and give out Sandvich. He wound up top-scoring.)

If you want a competent teammate, drop me a line. My steam id is instantkarma91. I can be anything, be it your buttmedic or Demopan, or whatever you need.


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What exactly is a "Fat Spy" supposed to be? Never heard the term before.


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I've only ever really seen backlash on Valve servers, and infrequently at that. Might just be because my two friends and I top score every time we're together though :V. Hard to complain with what works. Anyway.

Best Class: Spy

Too many medics made drop über to count.

Favorite Class: Pyro

Because I love burning bad spies.

Username's UST | Halceon, send me a message if you want to play.


6150 rpm and spinning.
Holiday Punch Heavy. Back attack to force target to laugh, then taunt kill. See here.

Ah! I'm familiar with the concept, just never heard it called that before. ;p


Yay TF2! As of now, I have 2,389 hours played. I don't join furry servers though because they're furry servers. I just sort based on ping under 50 and max players 24 or under and pass up all the fast respawn and bot crap. There's a pretty schnazzy group called Redditfurs that play TF2 weekly. I haven't played with them yet but I hope to tomorrow if I'm home. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/redditfurs


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TF2 is overrated rubbish, even tho the time I played was on The Furry Pound servers. The general gameplay got very boring very quickly for me.

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*have long since stopped playing vanilla TF2, only plays the various community game modes*
Come on Valve, step it up, you may have given us MvM but someone out there gonna revamp it

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I'm a TF2 player, but I don't play on the furry servers simply because I tend to run a fair amount of skins for some of my weapons, and I don't really want to add furry character model skins to that list. Simple as that.

As for my class preferences, I'm a Pyro/Sniper/Medic player, in that order.

I can play all the classes, but those three always seem to have my best runs.

Pyro is very fun to play as, and I tend to find great combinations on his weapons and hats/misc.

I love the Sniper because of his personality, and how well he can play if you know what you're doing. I have only a couple of loadout sets I use with him because those work the best for me. Plus, his hats/misc. tend to be quite sweet. In fact, Sniper is the class I uncrated my first Unusual for.

Medic is amazing to play as if you use him right. I like to run as a Kritz Medic a lot of the time personally, but I'll swap to my Botkiller if I want. Truth be told, Medic has started to become my main class because I love how versatile he is. His melee is fairly powerful, his primaries have great range, allowing you to be an effective force on the battlefield on top of healing and ubering.

I'm somewhat getting into the TF2 economy, and I enjoy talking with people on trading and achievement servers, although I hardly ever farm on those anymore. I just join for the conversation.


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You know what killed it for good for me? Fucking hats and crates. I have a friend who collects them and has like 7 accounts purely for crate storage.


May favourite classes tend to be Medic or Demoman. Depends on my mood. Pyro's my least favourite class, but that's probably just because I generally do very poorly playing as one.