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6150 rpm and spinning.
You know what killed it for good for me? Fucking hats and crates. I have a friend who collects them and has like 7 accounts purely for crate storage.

I fail to see how hats and crates affected your game what so ever. Last I checked you ran around shooting dude and stopping the cart, no finishing for useless cosmetic items.


My Steam ID is Shardicus, but I don't use Steam lately. I'm too busy with work right now. I will be back to playing DotA 2 and TF2 in a couple months though, if anyone wants to add me.

Favorite Class: Snipeh.

Why: I like to humiliate enemies before I kill them. You will die covered in piss. From my piss rifle. Also, Sniper has a vest and Lennon shades as of late, and those are things that I totally wear all the time. And cool hats.

Least Favorite Class: Spah.

Why: I don't much care for Spy's playstyle.

Favorite Gamemode: Idle. I don't play competitive TF2 anymore. Idle servers are fun, because no one idles. They just troll each other all day.


But the HATS man... The HATS. How do you not like the hats?

Favorite Class:pyro
Why: Because I like to light people on fire with rainbows
Least Favorite Class: Scout
Why: Dat voice
Game mode: Payload