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Thanksgiving and Family Gatherings


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It's that time of year again. Thanksgiving is almost here and people are getting ready.

My mother's family has been trying to get us to come to their dinner party for a couple years now, but my mother always makes some lame excuse and refuses to go. It's the same way with my father's family too. She not the most friendly woman and usually makes things awkward and unpleasant at get-togethers. She's earned the title of the "crazy" sister as a result of her hangups.

We plan on going this year, since we haven't seen everyone for quite some time. But my mother is trying to be flacky again. But she can stay home again for all I care. My family is pretty nice and funny so it's always a good time when we see everyone. Plus I want some egg custard pie.

Do you guys have plans for Thanksgiving? Do you plan to see family over the holiday? Is your family actually pleasant?


I'm Canadian. My Thanks Giving has came and went already so...
My mother and her husband came with my sister to my grandmothers place to eat. All an all not to much, and the turkey was good.


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I feel like I'm kind of odd among places like this in saying that I like hanging out with family.
Both my blood family, and my fiance's.
Although I'm not going to be able to see my blood family, because distance is a bitch.

So I'm cool with Thanksgiving.


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Here in the UK, we don't have Thanksgiving. But that's not to say November's dull; we had Bonfire Night earlier in the month.

That does always tend to a time of revelries, since it's basically our July 4th!

Our whole street used to come together and pool resources to barbeque together, get wood for our bonfire, buy fireworks... sadly, that didn't happen this year, or last year. All the kids on the street are growing up, so the parents are growing more distant from each other. But that's not to say I can't find a way to appreciate the spirit of special days, eh?


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I start work at 3 in the afternoon and work 14 hours on Thanksgiving, so I won't be doing much of anything except that.


For thanksgiving I am staying in my dorm and will just play some video games and watching some movies.
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Here's to getting drunk to cope with relatives' crazy politics.

*pours a drink, raises glass, and downs it all in one smooth motion*


I'm going crazy this holiday, that's what I am doing. Holidays have gotten shittier, because of family drama and how boring and rushed they've gotten. I think we're just having food and not going to any family's house, since there's kind of issues going on.


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Going to eat at a local restaurant for Thanksgiving. A friend myself and her father are going.
Basically I have no family but friends these days. Been 18 years since I was at a Family gathering
and its kind of sad.


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I'm getting hammered and eating metric tons of food. I'll be around some good people and I'll be seeing my dog. Thanksgiving is the happiest day of the year for me.

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Don't have thanksgiving here.

And when it comes to family gatherings, I am a rather reclusive introvert.


I've been living with my grandma while I hunt for jobs, and everyone's coming over to her house this year. Ehhhh, not lookin' forward to it. For one, there's my family. It's the kind to act nice and friendly at get-togethers but then not see or talk to each other until next year's, but they're all happy to gossip about one another in the meantime. I don't get along with my mom and my grandma, especially my mom. My life's been pretty crappy lately and I'll have nothing to bring to the conversation since "what you've been doing about jobs/school" is all anyone ever wants to know, so I'm not predicting much of a good time on that front. Then there's the fact that for the past two months I've been havin' a Crohn's flare-up and thus I can't really eat much any more. Have to avoid half the things I like, and can only eat very small amounts of anything at all. Thus defeating the purpose of this godforsaken holiday. Last year I was completely alone, and that ain't much better. And this will be the second time I've been sick on Thanksgiving. Somethin' tells me I'm just not meant to enjoy it.


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We don't have Thanksgiving here, but, Christmas day is coming up, and my favourite part of that is getting the whole family together (well, on my mum's side anyway).

We normally get everyone to our place the day after, and everyone has a great time. I guess my family has never been insufferable enough to make me understand when people dislike family gatherings.


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I'm leaving in the morning to drive to my parents house with my BF. Gonna spend the day there and help my mom do most the food prep.

Thursday we are eating a Thanksgiving lunch, putting up Christmas decorations, and then I have to drive home because I work 21 hours for black friday.

No joke.


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Have to cook most of the meal, but then around noon we'll eat and the by four everyone else'll be napping and it'll finally be quiet. :)


I'm going home tomorrow for Thanksgiving. It's just my my parents and brother, but it should be fun. My brother is taking me to the Texans game on Sunday, which, despite him now being a Pats fan and the Texans being terrible, should be a lot of fun. At some point I have a lot of studying to do, but I enjoy spending time with my family.


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More than likely I'll be going to a Thanksgiving lunch for my dad's side of the family and then an actual Thanksgiving dinner on my mom's side. All local so no going too far either way.

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I hate turkey and most other holiday food. I'll hang out with family and all that but as far as Thanksgiving dinner goes I eat very little. My husband won't be attending because he has to get to bed super early to wake up at 3:00am for work because of black Friday faggotry.


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Stuck in my apartment in Arizona, not heading back home.

Tis shall be a lazy weekend.


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It'll be my folks and my best friend heading over to our beach house for Thanksgiving. Normally every year for Black Friday I do some shopping for my relatives to save some money but there's nothing really on the lists that pop out to me so I'm just gonna chill and watch some American Football.


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It's a nice excuse for the extended family to get together, serve amazing food since almost everyone can cook and bake, and then get drunk.

I hate almost all of my cousins since they are just terrible people, but my aunts and uncles are pretty fun to party with.