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Thanksgiving and Family Gatherings


My younger brother and his fiancee are coming to visit for Thanksgiving. On the one hand, I love my brother and he's one of the only people in the world who can understand/tolerate me pretty well... but the constant reminder that my younger brother has not only been in a relationship before me but in one of the strongest ones I've seen among any of my other friends will test my patience a little. I am more happy for him than sad for myself though and that's what matters. We'll be having turkey and stuffing and all that traditional yummy stuff so that will help too.
I'm going to see distant relatives who live close-ish to my university. I haven't actually seen my family for Thanksgiving since 2008. Oh well, completely my fault.


A bit hypocritical holiday, thanking native people, whom you almost wiped out and locked in reservations, by eating food without even inviting them.
Oh well.


A bit of a bloated holiday for me, because to me, turkey is the blandest of all meats and everything else added to it is just a bunch of carbs that will make you feel like you're eating wet cement that will harden later and fill you up. I personally don't eat much on Thanksgiving at all.


We were going to have it at my aunts until I forgot I was in charge of the bird and never even took it out of the freezer to defrost. It kinda worked in my favor though cause these family get together's never end well..For example, last year I had to sit at the kids table with a bunch of bratty and loud six-year-olds (none of these kids I fucking knew) while my aunts boyfriends ungrateful 19 year old son and his heroine addicted (now coping, I guess?) friend, Jake, got to sit with everyone else in my family. It's a petty thing, I know..But the fact that I did half the work on dinner and they could not save me a seat was shit. Oh well, maybe I'll tell them I kept the turkey cold in honor of Jake.
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I'm going to enjoy spending time with important people in my life, while we all come together and cook for each other in shared banquet.

Is it just my limited perspective or does this generation have some of the most jaded, cynical, try-hard edgy people of all?


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The best of old Thanksgiving traditions: this song


Sing along (with feeling and four-part harmony)!


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Basically my mom and dad spent the morning cooking and we just had our Thanksgiving dinner. We ate it while sitting in the living room watching TV. This year Thanksgiving was really chill. Kinda happy about that, but kind of want the traditional dinner we normally have.

I don't think our plans will go much farther than that.


I would have two thanksgivings, but I decided not to go to one, today, with some of my stepfamily.

The people aren't mean, the food is good, but frankly I have nothing in common with them.
I really don't belong there.

The second one will be with my family and I look forward to it.

As for the holiday, I don't think of it's origins, the same as I do not for christmas. Neither origin I respect, they are to me a time for family gatherings and such.


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I can't stand holidays with a particular half of my family. I don't know these people. Why we get together once a year to have a dinner together I'll never quite understand. There's something about the thin veneer of politeness and passive aggressive judgement that goes on.
And they have this amazing ability to make the littlest things and mess ups a huge deal during family get-togethers. Like they just need some extra drama in the room to break that subtle tension.
I mean, they're family. And they're not that bad or anything, so I guess I love them or whatever.

And I do like going home with a few pounds of leftover turkey. Guess who doesn't have to cook this weekend.


I went to my cousin's house for Thanksgiving. So much food was consumed. So much good food. ;u;


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Well just the normal get together with the family. Just not an all day event this time seems everyone just had other things to do(shopping). I will never understand that. On the whole was a good chill time.


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You are not alone in having to deal with this. A lot of people loathe these functions due to having to deal with this kind of silliness. Personally a few years back there was a particular part of my family that I got fed up with. The food was always bland and tasteless, the kids acted like spoiled brats, and the others always have to talk about the past, or talk down to you....and after being treated like scum of the earth for I dunno...being different I went nope!

I'm fine with spending Thanksgiving with a few family members and ignoring the rest. Family doesn't mean you have to put up with bad, nasty, and or condescending behavior.