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ThankYou Shouts


I think anything that removes watchers from artists is a bad thing. I don't personally give thank you shouts anymore, but it's something that keeps some artists grounded and gives watchers a sort of opening to communicate with their artists some more.

The shout page should be used for more, though. There's no reason watchers can't rave on artists in shout pages. Some people carry little conversations in them. I try to use them for little jokes to lighten up the goddamn place.


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I'm still debating this with myself. Since I joined FA, I was thrilled to pieces at the system. They sure did not have anything like this on the old VCL, or YNA, and for sure it was hit and miss with usenet and having your own webpages. Getting any sort of feedback from viewers was hard pressed and most times on the old archives, it was hard to contact the artists since most do not use their own e-mail addresses or don't bother with them at all. Still I can understand some who don't want thank-you shouts, after all, after awhile it does get a bit overwhelming, and honestly, it gets a bit hard to give an honest critique or word to an artist when you don't know what their reaction will be. Like I said I'm still debating, but I will still give thank-you shouts or others for that matter until somebody tells me to smeg off.


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Unfortunately, any feature can be abused, and on the Net, it usually is sooner or later. Giving thanks for every single fav out of thousands is creepy.

But when I first got to the site, some of the artists I saw giving out polite thanks shouts for single watches and such were the very opposite of attention whores, in my general experience, some of them were even the types of artists who are normally rather aloof. So seeing such people being accused of being attention whores felt rather judgemental and presumptuous on the part of the handful of people who were oh so angry about their precious homepages being cluttered or whatever.

I think both sides of the issue should be reasonable. Assuming someone is up to no good and trolling for more site hits just cause they thanked for a watch is silly, but so is going too far with tons of thanks for every FA function like favs.


KristynLioness said:
I only mind them if they say only that and don't say something about my art too while they're on /my/ gallery page. I'd rather someone note me their thanks rather than leave it on my gallery if they don't plan to say something about my art in addition.

i agree with you on that and it's true on how i feel about it.


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Mitch_DLG said:
If someone doesn't like receiving thanks, well, that's their perogative, but not terribly respectful of the people whose art they enjoyed enough to watch. To say, "I like this artist, and I will watch them," deserves a real, "Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed my work, and I am recognizing your effort to watch me with a personal thank you."

It's common courtesy, and quite frankly I'd much rather people kept thanking each other than go cold and uncaring and gripe about someone actually using good manners.

It's kinda sad that common courtesy isn't so common anymore, especially on the 'net.

I love getting a "thank you" from an artist when I +watch them or +fave a piece of their work, especially when it's more than just a cookie-cutter, copy/paste response. I know that those who post to my shoutbox are going out of their way to do so, and I really appreciate it.

I honestly can't fathom why anyone insist that they not be thanked. The shoutbox really isn't the best place to carry on a conversation of any length; there are far better media for that (e-mail, notes, IM, etc). In fact, the shoutbox is, by far, the /worst/ place to try to actually get ahold of me. My e-mail and IMs are constantly checked throughout the day, whereas I only look at my FA account maybe once or twice a day.

Also, the spam argument doesn't carry much weight with me. For one thing, I've yet to get a shout trying to sell me badly-spelled viagra, or to help me get bigger breasts, or a request from a foreign dignitary who needs my help moving large sums of money. :p Spam, by definition, is unsolicited. When you +watch someone or +fave something, you're the one that's initiating contact, so it's only natural that they might respond.

That's my take on it, anyway; your mileage may vary.

Oh, and thank you for all the thank you shouts! ;)


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So I shouldn't thank anyone for faving or watching me? Huh?

Faving or watching me is their way of saying that they like my work and I am greatful that they do. If they comment on the work itself, then I will usually express my thanks in reply to their comment. But a lot of people don't comment, I figure it's because they don't know what it is they want to say in words.

So I thank them.


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I don't care for those cookie-cutter type "thanks for the watch/fave" (and thats it) comments at all, and I know I am not alone. It gets really old after seeing the umpteenth clone message hogging up someone's page, and it is pretty much just self advertising on someone's front page without taking the time or care to look or respond to the other person's work, or write a real message.

This reflects back on the artist leaving such comments in different ways depending on viewpoint. While some people could see this as a token conversation starter, others might see it as impersonal, self-centered attention-whoring. Everything has a flipside. Of course many people do this for kind reasons and genuine thankfulness, but it is easy to see why copy+paste type messages are considered spam and favewhoring by many users. I have noticed some artists do leave personalized thanks and mention the watcher's work to show reciprocity, that is to be commended.

Touch My Badger

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I used to give them out when I first started on the site, thanking people for watches and favs, less because I was actualy grateful but more for advertisements. (I'm ruthless, I know) I haven't done this though in almost a year.

As for receiving them, I'm pretty indifferent. It doesn't matter, as long as it's not excessive.


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Like some people mentioned, the only complaint I've see about shouts is that some consider them to be advertisements (and apparently some people do use them as such based on touchmybadger's comment). However, I don't really see it as that... I mean, I don't think anyone but me bothers to read my shouts ^^; Maybe people read all the shouts on popular artists' pages, but I certainly don't. It does irk me a bit when the the thanker says "Thanks for faving [x]" and then puts a link to the piece on the shout, because THAT seems like it's asking for more hits. But it could just be a way of reminding the faver of what they faved. *shrug*

And as for disliking the copy+paste shouts... I imagine that popular artists who get lots of faves don't have time to write a personal message thanking every person who faves their art. Copy+paste is probably the only way they CAN thank all those favers without taking up a lot of time.

That said, I don't usually leave thank yous. If someone who faves a piece actually comments on it (which is very rare), I'll thank them when I reply to the comment... other than that, I don't usually do it. I feel like if they aren't leaving a comment, it was just one fave of many for them. They probably won't even remember me five minutes later, and I'll just bother them by shouting a thank you.


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I used to thank for favs all the time when i wasn't doing much art and i got like...what 2 favs at most on a art piece? But with about 50 favs total in the inbox for maybe a pic or two between the two or whatever..its just too much now a days. I'll thank everyone for every watch I get. But thats about it now a days. Though oddly enough when i go to watch someone or fav something i rarely get anyone to come back and return a shout like that to me. Odd enough. But oh well. xD Most of my shouts are just nonsense shouts now a days doing odd convos between shouts back and forth really lol. So I seriously have no problem with it really.


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I don't mind people leaving "thank you" shouts on my user page... I leave them myselves if only for watches, not faves. ^^;; When I fist started my gallery I used the profile section to announce that I will not shout a thank you every time, but it doesn't annoy me at all to get them. *shrugs* Dunno, what's so bad about saying "thanks"? Sure, it might have gotten a little out of hand, but if someone really dislikes it they can simply put up a note on their user page (and hope people read it). XD