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That stupid Book of Eli furry rip-off in the other thread


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Even though it's a blatant copy of the Book of Eli, it looks really good.


Overall, it looks really nice, except for one thing:

If you had the protagonist as some grizzled old human man, I think it would be much, much more believable and enjoyable. Hell, even if you had to have a nonhuman protagonist, make it something tough and adaptive, or truly monstrous to fit the nature of the film. Pandas are associated with gentleness and fragility of nature, and seem really out of place in a tough-as-nails apocalypse survival film.

I think it would have resonated better if the main character was some horrible, disfigured, monstrous thing. That way it could be much better portrayed that despite outward appearances he is wise and gentle until provoked, and it would create an interesting irony that despite the fact that he is a monster, the people around him are more abominable in their attitude and actions.


Fursuits ruin movies. I just can't see the characters as being anything but people in suits. The result is something like you would get with cheat-codes in a video game. Everyone is standing around being serious people with serious dialog completely oblivious to the fact that they've been dressed up as mascots.

If it were done really, really well, it would pass as comedy, but then they would be taking all the effort of making a real, good movie just to parody it.


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Good voiceover...good music and mixing...good color grading and postpro...good mood...decent editing...and then walks into the frame a guy dressed as a panda. How embarrassing. It's like going to a concert and the band is dressed up in anime cosplay—even if they're going for ironic, it still feels awkward enough to watch that it destroys any semblance of what the rest of it all is getting across.


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Fursuits in films do not work. They cannot. They are suits. The person inside either needs to be incredibly good at acting, or have a huge amount of animatronics in the thing to give some kind of emotion. That's the bottom line. Guy in an animal suit is basically emotionless in what is supposed to be a visual experience displaying emotion.


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Just... why.

Furrifying a film ruins it completely. If anything is going to be "furry" it should be an animated movie, preferably 2D.


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Gibby puts it well: "furrying" a film...

the term alone sounds horrible

then again, IMO then Book of Eli was a shit movie

...but this most certainly didn't help either

If anything, then they should have stuck to human-only actors. I mean, they have plenty of those in it - and that looks awesome for an indie post-apoc movie



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You know, if I wasn't already familiar with furry, upon watching this the first time, I'm pretty sure I would have thought it was a hilarious joke. There's this serious narration, shots of desert vistas, atmospheric music, and then BAM! Guy in a panda costume. You couldn't think of a better way to utterly destroy the mood in such a short amount of time. Hell, this ranks right up there with ET X in terms of comedic movie trailers.
C'mon, people. I know you want to make a furry movie, but think about it from a practical perspective before you shoot. I don't care how cool you thought your panda-man-wearing-quasi-Japanese-armor costume looked. It's impossible to take that shit seriously.

Ad Hoc

I, uh. I suppose it's been said, but why a panda? It's basically impossible to take a panda seriously, plus the title sounds like a parody of Kung-Fu Panda. If they absolutely had to make it furry, I mean, there are a wide variety of other animals that would have worked far better. Even a wolf would have been better. If they needed a bear, why not a grizzly bear or a polar bear? If they needed something eastern, why not a tiger or an eastern dragon, or something more obscure like a tanuki? How about a red panda? A wild boar?

Although really anything involving a fursuit is just asking for trouble unless there's some wonderful CGI/animatronics to back up, which they don't seem to have.

It's really a shame. They seem like they could have made a decent little indie film if they left the furry stuff out or toned it down.


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Why must furries always seek to ruin films?

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I thought it looked interesting.


It starts with a rip-off of a forgettable movie but what's next? Are we going to have a Furry "All About Eve" or "Casablanca" coming next? And if they decide to ruin these classic films, would at they least have the decency to shoot them in black-and-white?


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It was good until 00:00:10

Why a panda? Why the fuck a panda? Get rid of the friggin fursuit and this might actually be good. It's all serious and shit, then you see the fursuit and laugh, and then the mood of the movie is ruined.


It's Me Gordon, Barney from Black Mesa
Are we going to have a Furry "All About Eve" or "Casablanca" coming next? And if they decide to ruin these classic films, would at they least have the decency to shoot them in black-and-white?

Ohh god...Nazi furs.....


Guess what mood I'm in today.


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Ohh god...Nazi furs.....

Nazi Furs? Am I the only one who thinks thats an oxymoron? It could be worse, they could be ripping off the Evil Dead and we could have zombie furs.


Nazi Furs? Am I the only one who thinks thats an oxymoron? It could be worse, they could be ripping off the Evil Dead and we could have zombie furs.

At least zombie furs would look cool and wouldn't be as annoyingly cutesy as most furry characters. But then again, it'd probably bring necrophiles to the fandom, and there are enough perverts as it is.


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The problem with post apocolyptic is that there's not much to be done with it, and what there is to do has been done to death in a very short amount of time

That said, this trailer is pretty good, despite the cliche. The angles are great, the narration, the lighting, music, actors

But panda.

I'll have to wait and see the finished picture. For all we know the plot couldn't have been told any other way. For this movie's sake I hope the panda will remain emotionless throughout (rather than attempt to portray any emotion that lighting, angle, sound couldn't portray), and speachless (one line of dialogue without that panda's mouth moving, and all of a sudden the suspension of disbelief is gone)

The director obviously knows how to work a camera, how to play with angles and sound and such to add to the piece, but I fear he's ruining what could be a good work with this fucking panda suit. Something about this wasted potential saddens me a lot

Edit: I wouldn't really call it a book of ELI rip off

All post apoc is the same, unless it dabs into other genres as well (28 days later is post apoc horror, water world is post apoc ocean-punk)

This shit is fallout is eli is the road
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