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The animal in you


I got a gorilla with a penguin or owl as a backup, I guess it fits.


I can't answer the questions, I am very unassertive, but I'm also very competitive at the same time. As for dependability, I am very reliable, but I lie all day. As for athletic ability, I have a lot of raw athletic power, but I'm lazy as hell and hate sport...

Anyway I tried my best to answer the questions and got some weird animal, but it said I might also be a wolf, so I'm cool with that, but I'd probably self classify myself as a domestic cat.


What is this internet?
I've got a zebra. The other possibilities are wild cat or bison.

Still I feel jipped.


I can't seem to get any answer other than a mouse, no matter what I enter.

Maybe I'm a mouse.



100% organic vegan hubbas
Weird, no Wild Dogs about. I'm the best second banana ever ): the William Frakes to the Patrick Stewart, perpetuallly.


I am a Zebra.
Secondary bear and rooster.

Apparently it's time that I considered becoming a lawyer or a scientist.


has a sexy learning disability
I got a blank field, and underneath it says I might also be an Otter.

Under "The Animals" page, it says that carnivores are athletic twice! This is probably not very well done. Or carnivores are just damned athletic.


I'm a bat!? Might also be a snake or a sheep!?

*throws test at brick wall* Screw this test, I'm-a goin' over there.


Her Grace, the Duchess Mausier
Interesting quiz...I never thought I'd end up being a shrew. Otter or Bat as an alternative.


100% organic vegan hubbas
Also, wtf, V.I Lenin has been dead for like, 100 years, how did he even take the test to become a WILD DOG?