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The anti-ant-social person


anti-social guy in corner
Soo... i'm not that social, bit of a recluse, but i'm hoping to make friends here, but again not use to being social. Nothing brings people closer than music. QUICKLY CHANGE SUBJECT TO MUSIC!!!!! what kind of bands does everyone enjoy?

Hateful Bitch

Hang up your coat
Rubber bands sometimes. Those would also be good for bringing people close together if you had enough of them.

I don't like socialising with ants either. They make for rubbish conversation usually.


With Tiny Boots
I like me some Carbon Based Lifeforms, Tycho, Trentemoller, Blackbird Blackbird, Poor Moon, and Enya


New Member
Anything of the screamo, rock, punk, and dubstep variety. ; 7 ;


I'm SeckZ and Frii
As psychedelic as songs can be I'll probably listen.

And as always FUCK YEAH METAL!