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Jax Cottontail

Well-Known Member
Just thought I would share some of my most recent work with you.



Jax Cottontail

Well-Known Member
So It looks like My Clockwork Kitten is doing well. It has received many views and likes on all of the portfolio and social media websites that I posted it to; Thank you to everyone who took the time to like and share my artwork. I really appreciate it. I also posted it for critique on conceptart.org and got some useful feedback. That said I am going to focus on studies sketches for a little while and refine some of my skills. I can't wait for future art challenges and to bring you all new artwork later this month.

Jax Cottontail

Well-Known Member

So I am working on this piece and I decided I would go ahead and share it; I wanna see what kind of feedback I get before I continue painting. I really appreciate any constructive critiques you might have. So far this is just the initial sketch with some flat values. I plan to do an overpainting, eliminating the line art and adding some finishing touches.

Read more: www.conceptart.org: Inglourious Vermin WIP


Noone really knows me
Overall a damn nice piece of work!
I'd only say the tail of your Squirrel is a tiny bit .. too big.
Unless he is scared, nervous or feels somewhat uncomfortable, but according to his look, thats not the case. ( but thats just my personal opinion)
Besides that, a masterpiece!

P.s. that huge hat weirds me out, i have never seen something like that! where does the idea of it come from?