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Jax Cottontail

Well-Known Member
I want to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback on my Inglourious Vermin WIP. I have taken the suggestions and applied them to the artwork. I think the suggestions have made this a much stronger piece.

Here is what I changed:

- Elongated the otter’s neck and changed the shell logo to something better.

- Reshaped the squirrel’s hands, repositioned the tail and made the tail slightly smaller

- Slightly changed rabbit pose to feel less stiff

- Reshaped and better defined the wolf hand

There was also the suggestion of using a gradient to enhance layer separation. I haven’t included it yet but when I define the lighting I am going to add that to the piece.


Jax Cottontail

Well-Known Member
I have made the following changes to the character:

-changed knife position so that it was less perpendicular
-redesigned the gauntlets so the hands were more visible
-adjusted the left calf and ankle to feel less bulky and redesigned shin guards.
-adjusted the fabric in the arms and scarf for better and more consistent fabric definition

In addition to the changes above, I have also added some textures and patterns and other small details to the piece. Some of these might not be visible in the web version but in the full resolution 18x24, they are. For the moment I am considering the value stage of this character complete, next will be the color stage. However, I want to get the rest of the characters caught up to this one first. So check back soon to see which character gets the value treatment next.


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
@Jax Cottontail a skunk with a flamethrower would also be cool. :3

I like both of these characters you've made. The rabbit is my favourite, especially because of the attention to detail such as the rabbit skull emblem.