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The backstory of my main Sona.

Aika the manokit

Adorable fisherman
Not going to sugar coat this, I felt like copying one of my replies from a thread to show you. I'm accepting criticism (THAT DOES NOT MEAN HATE) without further stalling, I present to you... Ricky's backstory.
PS: Ricky is a Folf but says he's a wolf because foxes are Natives in Rickys world and folfs are harassed and called half-breeds

Ricky is from the old west and was born from a bounty Hunter and a native woman. He grew up on his father's stories and learned to live off the land by his mother. At age 8, a gang of outlaws found the family and brutally murdered Bill (Rickys dad) and Falling leaf (Ricky's mom) leaving Ricky to die alone. The only problem was that Ricky didn't die, he swore revenge on that gang, using everything he learned, he survived and matured into a ruthless killer of thieves, murderers and just criminals in general. Everyone from Rattlesnake Canyon to Peyote River knew the name Ricky Sixgun and that if you wanted a dangerous criminal dead or captured, Ricky was the man to seek. He does all this in the hopes of finding the men responsible for killing his family.

After he's had his revenge, he hopes to settle down and start a family of his own. Hopefully having a son to follow in his pawsteps someday