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The Bandit Attack


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This section of Felix's story happens about a week after this one: forums.furaffinity.net: A Short Walk Through the Streets of England

It is helpful to read Felix's character sheet before reading this: www.furaffinity.net: My Fursona: The Puritan Fox by Felix_Bernard


“But why Tigrash? Why did they have to die so young and so gruesomely?” Felix desperately asked his wolf companion the forefront question of his mind, as if upon this one the entirety of existence stood or fell.

“As I said Felix, I don’t know. The existence of evil and suffering is beyond doubt the most difficult question to answer. All I can say now is, you must give to God what only God can handle - your sorrow.”

“I know! I know! But it is so much easier said than done! Here I am grieving the death of my own parents and God is silently watching!”

The wolf sighed. “Felix. There is nobody who understands pain and sorrow better than the One who bore the ultimate sufferings on the cross. The One who was forsaken by His own Father - He was pierced for our transgressions. Though it seems He is silently watching, He is actually suffering alongside you. Your sufferings may very well be used to help another.”

Felix looked up at him and there was a moment of silence. “All I wish is that at least we could’ve made up…”

“That was not your fault Felix. That was the despicable face of what happens when one has a religion without love…”

Felix woke up. The early morning sun shined rays of light through the window. The birds outside could be faintly heard singing their songs in the trees. Felix stood up from his bed and stood in front of the mirror. There in front of him was the figure who had gone through much suffering. There was the figure whose sufferings were meant for other people. Felix placed his paw on the figure’s scar. This scar was not just the result of meaningless evil.

There was a knocking on his door. Felix quickly dressed and approached the door, it was the middle-aged fox priest. “Good morning Felix, do you mind I come in?”

“S… sure. Is this urgent?”

“No no. I just need to talk to you about some things, I’ve got a lot on my mind.” The fox priest’s paws were quivering as usual as he spoke.

He came in and sat himself in the living quarters. Felix got him a cup of well water and seated himself in the chair across.

“Felix. I understand we were very hard on you the other day, especially that Jesuit visitor who was there.”

Felix gave no answer.

“You must remember though young man, you now pose a great threat to the established Church of England. People all around England and beyond have now heard of you because of your articles and street preaching. People in our own lands are calling for an overthrow of the clergy. You are one of those puritans.”

Felix looked at him. “Sir - pardon me for not calling you father - if I have done anything other than speak the truth please do show me.”

“I have not come here to debate with you again. I have come to share with you my concerns.”


“I know you have gone through a lot in your life. I have heard what had happened to your parents. I only wish that you wouldn’t add to your pain by continuing to go down this route and thus face mockery and rejection from the established church.”

“I can only do and say what I by conscience am bound to do and to say. If I be hated by all, so be it, as long as God is glorified in the end.”

The fox priest sank into the couch and released a deep sigh. “You are not glorifying God by causing division.”

“If division, sir, you mean purifying the church from error and not bowing the knee to popish idolatry…”

The conversation was interrupted by a sudden loud scream outside. Felix quickly got up quickly and went to the window as the fox priest sat there watching. It was a bandit attack. An otter man lay there dead with a pool of blood surrounding him, one from the group of bandits took his wife, tied her up and mounted her on a horse whereupon one of the raccoons - a smaller one - sat to get ready to take off. The other two went around ransacking the tavern and stores. Felix counted them. “Three raccoons and two wolves… and is that a…?”

A loud banging was on Felix’s door. He unsheathed his sword. “Felix no!”

Felix went to the door to open it, and there in front of him was a large muscular bear twice his size with a dagger. When the bear saw he was armed he swung his dagger, but Felix quickly parried the swing and did a front roll through his legs to the outside. The bear quickly swung his arm around but Felix dodged under it and sliced the bear in the side with his sword. Blood gushed out onto the street “GAHHHRRR”!” The two wolves came and surrounded Felix as the bear recovered and swung his dagger once more - but Felix grabbed his wrist and twisted it. The wolves started running at him so Felix stuck his sword into the bear’s throat and quickly pulled out his flintlock pistol between two buttons inside his coat and shot the wolf on the left in the forehead, he fell hard right to the ground. Before the wolf on the right could reach him he pulled the sword out of the bear’s throat, blood all over it, and parried the wolf’s first swing at him. “Off ye wicked sinners! Ye bandits from hell!” Felix struck the knife right out of the wolf’s hand at his second swing. Before the wolf could process what happened Felix swung again, chopping his head off. Blood sprayed out and gushed from his neck stump as his head rolled on the ground. The last wolf fell on the ground dead.

The three remaining raccoons took bags full of loot out to their horses with the otter woman bound to one of them and galloped off quickly. “No you don’t!” Felix sheathed his sword and jumped on one of the dead wolves’ horses and chased after them. As the horse ran under him Felix took out his flintlock again. Out of another pocket he grabbed a spare bullet and a packet of gunpowder. He carefully poured the gunpowder into the barrel but spilled some of his lap when the horse had to jump over a fallen tree “AGH darn it. This’ll be enough.” He stuck the bullet into the barrel, taking the rod attached under it, and pushed the bullet down the barrel.

He flanked the raccoons and pointed carefully his pistol at the one whose horse had the otter woman on it. “Steady now...” He held his breath and pulled the trigger. The raccoon fell of his horse - he wounded him. The horse slowly stopped and Felix likewise slowed down to a stop as the other two raccoons with their loot continued onward. Felix got off his horse and approached the raccoon. He laid there on his back, grabbing his lower ribs and gasping for breath. He looked up at Felix with desperate eyes, and Felix, moved with compassion, noticed this one could not have been older than sixteen. Felix kneeled, ripped off the raccoon’s tunic, and twisting it tied it around his wound to suppress the bleeding. The raccoon kid started groaning miserably in pain, “hang in there kid, I will get you to a doctor, just wait here a moment.” Felix went and untied the otter woman, bringing her down off the back of the horse. The woman praised him and kissed his hand: “thank you sir! Thank you! Thank you!”

“Now to get you two to safety…”