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The Best Ways to Pleasure Yourself


Well Known Foxxo
Sports, learning, interacting with friends etc...

Though sometimes if my room is cold at night I'll get my really comfy pajamas and lots of blankets, cuddle with my stuffed animals and watch some tv/play video games/draw.


I haven't found an answer yet
....my hand?

Butters Shikkon

Patron Saint of Queers


King of the Noodles


Hare Boi
Cooking or baking something yummy, good older music like the B-52s, beer, and weed. Usually all at the same time.


Reading while surrounded by snoring pitbulls.


King of Kawaii; That Token Femboy
Carrots and ranch! o3o


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After a hard days work I like to unwind with a nice warm bath in British orphan's blood while sipping on the tears they shed while I was extracting their blood for my bath.

Ah the bliss.

Traven V

Music, good conversation, Yoga, meditation, singing, dancing, walking, drawing if I have the time, to journal if i have the time, a bit of activism and volunteering.


Lost in the Static
Even better, listen to Rush with a nice headset. I'm talking about $200 headphones here.

Evan of Phrygia

i can't handle sleeping without clothes. I feel insecure and way less comfortable...i never ever sleep with a shirt, but always with some pyjamas

i personally looooooooooooove sitting down in front of a piano and just making things up for an hour or two. if not that, pyjamas, bed, video games.

and sometimes when i -reaaaally- wanna chill out, i'll go outside and just sit in some shady grass with some music in and watch the clouds or something.


New Member
Honestly? The only things I can do without worrying about why I'm not doing something productive are reading literature, taking notes of what I'm reading, and playing the piano.
When I'm not worried about these things, skyping with my friends actually relaxes me somewhat.