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The Borg vs. Cylons

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
I think it could go either way.


Resistance is futile! If 0 ohm
Species 8472 :V So adaptive they needed Janeway and Co. to tell them how to not get horribly brutalized by them over and over and over again. There's also one episode, I believe, wherein a holodeck solid-slug firearm kills a bunch. Oh, and melee weapons continue to work, so the adaptation is not perfect.

Overall, though, Borg should win (unless my Cylon-related memory is wrong) in the least due to numbers. If we bring in Daleks like some people have suggested, then this obviously swings in their favor.

Win against Borg and Cylons, lose to Daleks. Daleks are pan-galactic, before taking into account that a single Dalek trooper's considered a viable threat to modern earth in its entirety (somehow).
It's cause forcefields wouldn't block a physical object with tons of mass.
If a alien species has a forcefield, "Mr. Warf, ramming speed".
I think it could go either way.
That's what she said.