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the Bouncing Kangaroo's Hangout by DJ Jumpsta the kangaroo and his human

Jacob Bender

Dj jumpsta’s human form
Human dj Jumpsta:Hey guys!
Dj Jumpsta the kangaroo+outback Jumpsta: G'day Mates!
You may remember when we asked a lot of you furries if you like to bounce for fun, transport or both. forums.furaffinity.net: Think like a kangaroo! Can your fur sona bounce and jump around?
But now it is the kangaroo's turn to answer the question, and even hang out with DJ Jumpsta the kangaroo and his friends.
so, Can your kangaroo fursona bounce for fun, transport and whatever else falls under the reason why your kangaroo can hop and bounce like a real kangaroo (or possibly higher than the real kangaroos) or does the kangaroo prefer to use something that bounces in order to bounce like a kangaroo. ( or possibly higher than one)
For examples I am gonna have DJ Jumpsta and his Friends and his new Girlfriend, Sheila Anderson answer the question.
Dj jumpsta the kangaroo: Of course I love djing but I love bouncing too! Bouncing is what a kangaroo does best after all. I hop as high as the big reds! but if I want to go higher, I use my hopper ball. But mostly I prefer to use my hopper ball to bounce. But just when I adopted outback, he told me how to bounce on my tail like he and tigger can. I'm a natural just like he is.
Outback: No contest, I'm definitely bouncing on my tail and like a normal big red kangaroo but I was introduced to hopping on a hopper ball. I will definitely try it more in the future.
Jake Roolan: Well, I have bouncing powers, because jumping is in my name after all. If I jump on an opposing basketball rival, they are my trampoline.
but if i jump in close proximity to my best friend dj jumpsta, we find ourselves bouncing on basketball hopper balls fit for our big size.
(and finally) Sheila anderson: Mostly my master The Looner King, prefers me to be a nsfw model, and make other roos adapt a natural human hairdo, but dj jumpsta and I both love bouncing on my giant hopper ball