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The Catchphrase Thread


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Do you ever get those times where there's a particular word or phrase you can't help but say over and over again, even without intent?

Of course you do!

So FAF, what things have you made a habit out of saying? Could be something recent, or something you've said for goddamn ages. Doesn't matter; post that stuff right 'ere!

See, over the past few days I've made a habit out of saying "just roll with it".
What in hell have you people been saying?


Mr. Prickles
"Oh my Dog...", "That's intense", "Fucknuts", "Hells nos", "WHAT THE FREAKIN' FLIP!?"


Where'd the time go?
I have too many to list.
But after watching this, I'm adding 'Oh Nomeo!' to the list. C:


General Ray Sloane
"It is what it is." has been escaping me consistently. Well, that and "Fuck it, Call in an airstrike."

Hikaru Okami

Radiant Wolf
Okie dokie then!

Ya know?

Nan desu ka?

What the pho?

Jya (yeah just with a "j" sound at the beginning)

In your butt. (In response to "Where is it?")

That makes a lot of cents even a couple of dollars. (In response to "That doesn't make any sense.")


Feigning intelligence
"모르것다~" Which would mean something between "I can't care less" and "What will be, will be". And along with that, علاش, pourquoi, and why said rapidly in succession.


Well Known Foxxo
Good Luck With That...


Well, theres
-Get in my belly
-kill it with fire
-Its all ogre now
Thats all the things I say in a day atleast 50 times :p

Shadow Jaeger

set phasers to thrust
Ever since I wrote the first of my short stories I ended up getting the catchphrase
"Looks like I missed the fucking party" ever since but now only outside those stories.


King of Kawaii; That Token Femboy

"I shall return at a later point in history"

"I have places to be, things to do, worlds to destroy"

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
I tend to say "Think nothing of it" pretty often, whenever I can.
Heard that in FarCry3 when it came out and I just fucking love that sentence to death in its context.

I say "fair enough" on a daily basis, I'll pin that as my catchphrase


Feed Me Pizza
I came here expecting a thread on slogans. Instead I find a thread about the verbage we use in our everyday lives....
Here's a funny hot dog commercial.


I say oi ungodly much in verbal speak. :|

Evan of Phrygia

"alright" in a condescending tone

if not that then taking whatever key words are present in a title and making malapropisms and that about sums up my word catalogue
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Neon Wuff
I think I've been using "Great!" and "Oh really?" in chats. XD