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The Catchphrase Thread


you are me, and i am you
well, acourding to my skype, this is what i use the most XP

sheeeet dawg


cheers man

I tend to say "Think nothing of it" pretty often, whenever I can.
Heard that in FarCry3 when it came out and I just fucking love that sentence to death in its context.

I say "fair enough" on a daily basis, I'll pin that as my catchphrase

Dr. ernhearth says that after he saves daisy while he is hallucinating(?)

anyways, i like the "look me in the eye. HEY! look me in the eye." from Vaas but it's a too dramatic to use regularly XP


Max Fally
I actually don't really have a catch phrase that I say a lot, but I have one that's tied to me. My nickname is "Dammit Max" online because so many people yell that at me when I make really bad jokes. So it sort of became my online nickname.


Ok, I asked. Looks like I have only one catchphrase and it's "go die in holocaust" used instead of any random insult.


4 hands good 2 hands bad ;)
My most used spoken phrase is "and all that jazz/shit" at the end of sentences.


Where'd the time go?


Characterless sack of potatoes
I've been using "thing" when I'm too lazy to think of what the actual words are, or I'm just talking to myself.
eg. "Time to go do the thing" , "That's not a thing!" and other variants are used a lot.

Also, whenever faced with a false dichotomy, "Por que no los dos?" is the first thing that comes to my head, without fail.


New Member
OK this looks like fun:
Ka va?
What the doge!
Bite my bag byatch...
Everypony shut the smeg up!
Iza Happy Mutt (acompanied by a wink)
Le sigh...


4 hands good 2 hands bad ;)
I tend to say "dat (whatever) tho!" When I like something because I use the internet too much.


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I use "No comment" a lot

Oh! 'wing it' is a common one I use...my favorite phrase


Caffeine Addict
Well, at work we quote Office Space a bit too much, so currently i guess it would be "that would be great." There is also a red Swingline stapler in the office >_< Yeah... Oh I use that a lot... Yeah...