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The Closest To a Real Dinosaur You'll See!


Ug, they couldn't have done something different with the legs?


Seeing those white tight-clad legs sticking out of those dinosaurs asses was the most disappointing thing that's happened to me for a long time now.
They could have at least used those non-shiny black things that the "props" in stage productions use.


Well, on stage, the tights are black. In dim light with a smoke machine going, you wouldn't even notice them. The little kids don't even seem to notice the legs at all. You should see the life size t-rex model.

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Pfft, with the legs sticking out like that they just don't look right. ;[ They could have used digitigrade leg stilts inside the legs or something. Still wicked suits though.


Don't believe the mask...
Yep, if not for those awful not-even-trying-to-hide-them legs, this would have been the single greatest thing I have ever witnessed in my life.
Still, it's pretty freaking far up on the list. Hell, maybe it still is the best thing I've ever seen. I love Dinosaurs. I would kill to hire one of those guys to follow me around for a day. :D

This is amazing.


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Good post OP; those dinosaurs are freaky real.