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the concept of a story I'm planning to write


a geeky writers who enjoys anthro animals
Hello everyone
so people hear me out I have this concept of a story I'm planning to write :
basically, a guy (human) dealing with his daily life with his 7 feet tall anthro female Tibetan mastiff who doesn't speak English (she speaks Chinese but she understands English) and trying to get their sh*t together after the guy was a drug addict and she helped him in his Drug rehabilitation.
Adem (the guy) is a very huge and buff fellow and he looks like a gang member but he's a very sweet guy once you know him and chats with him. and Cake (the dog) has a cute dog personality in 7 feet Female bodybuilder body which was a problem at first until Adem got used to it.
so yeah that's basically the story; what do you think?


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I don't think I'm your market for this one, so take my comments with a pinch of salt, but I kinda don't get why Cake has to be seven feet tall and super-buff? This isn't a criticism as such, it's just that I think it'd be less jarring if she was a kind of animal that was naturally larger and stronger than a human, like a tigress or a lioness or something like that? I mean, I get it, this is the furry fandom, but if you're going for a 'mismatched partners' trope and have mostly human characters, you *could* make it appeal to non-furries too.

It also makes me think of 'Adventure Time' really quickly; there's a character called Cake in that too, and another character (Lady Rainicorn) speaks... er... I think it's Korean, but she understands English. The relationship between her and Jake (the male analogue of Cake, no less) is somewhat reminiscent of what you're describing.

The other thing I'm wondering is, you've got two characters here that are both very big and buff. Is that going to be important to their relationship? This isn't a criticism of any kind, it's just that in most 'mismatched partners' type stories, the partners couldn't be more different if they tried. It gives them plenty of opportunities to bounce off each other for comedic or dramatic effect. There's nothing wrong with them both being buff; it becomes a point of commonality between them, but if it's going to be important enough to mention in the elevator pitch, I think it would be a shame not to make it an important part of the story.

Oh, one other thought that did spring up is: if he's a recovering drug addict, is Cake even real or is she a hallucination or a symptom of his addiction that will fade away as he gets better? And what might he end up doing to try and get her back if she does?

I know these are really little things, they're just visceral reactions. Totally not offended if you don't agree with any of them. My aim here is only to spark a few ideas.


a geeky writers who enjoys anthro animals
I like this, I like your criticisms so I'm gonna try to answer your questions :
1-yes cake has to be big and buff it's an important aspect of her character she's cute but she can probably kill you if she hugged you plus she's a Tibetan mastiff one of the biggest dog breeds but I think I made her too big (I'm not from the U.S so I don't usually use feet as a height measurement she's two meters and four centimeters btw)
2-Adem doesn't have to be big and buff so I would say his above average in height and has a fit body. (my first thought was to make him able to at least lift her a little but I think I will pass)
3-when I read your adventure time comment I realized that yes cake sounds like a lady rainicorn's rip off but my motive was to make Cake (I will probably change her name to Pudding) not mute and make Adem able to understand her without her saying any word.
4-yeah she's real and funny enough I was going to make him question if she really exist in their first meeting.
in the end, thanks a lot for your feedback and I hope that I answered your questions
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(I'm not from the U.S so I don't usually use feet as a height measurement she's two meters and four centimeters btw)
That's cool, I'm from the UK, we use Imperial AND Metric. :D

I think the 'silent communication' option appeals more to me personally. It makes Cake / Pudding seem more mysterious and gives it a similar atmosphere to pet / owner communication. It might be a bit more of a challenge to write if there's a lot of dialogue between the two characters, but if you get the balance right I think it could be quite impactful.

Anyway, good luck with your story! :)