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The Creative Insult Game


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Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 15.34.54.png

More like Snore-o-virus, amIright?


Manager at DOM-ino's
How your username was born:

""CCaallll tthhee EEddiittoorr,, tthhee ttyyppeewwrriitteerr''ss aaccttiinngg uupp aaggaaiinn!!""

""GGoosshh ddaarrnn iitt,, FFrraannkk,, wwhhaatt''ss wwrroonngg wwiitthh tthhaatt iinnffeerrnnaall mmaacchhiinnee??!!??""

wweell ssiirr, iitt''ss ssttuucckk ttyyppiinngg ttwwoo lleetteerrss iinnsstteeaadd ooff oonnee!!""

""WWeell sshhoooott sshhoouulldd wwee cchhannggee iitt?? IItt mmiigghhtt llookk ssttuuppiidd""

WWhhoo ggiivveess aa ccrraapp.. LLeett''ss jjuusstt kkeepp iitt. NNoobbooddyy wwiill nnoottiiccee"


If I had a Dollar for every time I've thought about you I'd be hella broke.


If I had a Dollar for every functional braincell you have I'd be sitting in the negatives.

Primal the Lycanroc

Maxwell the Fennec
I'll have you know I know words that nobody knows!

If you put the fun in dysfunctional, then your name is a lie. Where's the Yak in Yakamaru? False advertisement! Where's my invested assets I put for that yak?!?