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The Dark Wanderer: A Serial Fantasy Novel by Nile Roan. ISO Art and Cover Art for Book.


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Hello all.

Important Note: The book takes place in Africa, 12,000 years in the future, in a post-apocalyptic world. There are talking animals. There are dragons. There's swords and sorcery. There are references to modern culture made by the 12,000 year old dragon who is a main character. And the book is definitely targeted at adults, with some stuff inappropriate for children (particularly under 13). And the reason I'm requesting art from FurAffinity is that there will be three main characters (one introduced already--a dragon) who are essentially talking animals (the other two will be a wolf and a lion), and I have a huge appreciation for furry art.

I can't afford to pay you anything up front, but I'm planning on offering 1% of eventual profits for a really quality cover art if I ever reach the point where I can sell the book in completed form somewhere like Amazon with self-publish, or if a publisher picks up the book.

I also definitely want to have up to one drawing per chapter throughout the book that I'd be willing to offer 0.1% of the profits (under above stated conditions) for.

Of course, even assuming I'm never able to sell the book, I will absolutely give any artist whose work I incorporate into the book all due credit, and I will be highly appreciative. So please do not go into this hoping to eventually make money off of it; if that happens consider it an awesome bonus!

Anyways, enough about what I can and can't offer. Here's what I'm working on, and what I'm looking for:
Book: http://www.jukepop.com/home/read/9394
Preferred Cover Art: Drawing of scene from end of Chapter 1, where Leon has his arms around Niara's neck, and she's resting her head over his shoulder and down his back.
Chapter Art: Whatever or whomever you feel is worth drawing in a black and white sketch from the chapter in question.

Note: The book takes place in Africa, and Leon does have dark skin. Just pointing this out so I don't get Leon looking like Sephiroth or something.
Note 2: For cover art, please do not feel that it needs my name or the book's name anywhere on the actual art, just so long as there's an obvious spot for placing them without interfering with the focus of the image.

At this point I'll use just about whatever anyone cares to offer, but I will of course be looking for art of the quality seen on/in published novels for the final, final, finished product, with the pieces that most call to me being the ones that eventually make it if/when I am able to publish. All art submitted that is worthy of the name (i.e., isn't a stick figure drawing with big boobs, and that isn't included in the book as chapter art or cover art) will be included as an electronic download with purchase of the book, with credit given to every artist, if the artist desires the art to be included in such a way, as an additional way of saying thank you and showing my appreciation to everyone who chipped in. (Note: I'm not sure how I'll handle NSFW art submitted, since we don't want to be putting that right up there for kids to see; but at the same time, the book's not really for kids, so...)

Anyways, thank you for reading my post (and possibly my book, however much of it is on JukePop by the time of your reading this sentence). I look forward to seeing any art that is created for this book, and greatly appreciate any and all support that is offered.

Thank you,
- Nile