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The Death of Radio in Los Angeles


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Many of you who are, like me, in the Los Angeles area have probably listened in on 103.1 FM, better known as Indie 1031. A couple of weeks ago, it was abruptly taken off the air. It was the only station that dared to play the stuff the likes of KROQ or any other rock-oriented station wouldn't touch, and had some of the best DJs to boot. RIP.

I'd like to give a big "FUCK YOU" to Entravision, and an extra large "FUCK YOU" to Clear Channel for taking it off.
I don't know why it's the death of radio, if it's playing songs that no other station would play. I only listen to 97.1 FreeFM, but I know of multiple other stations that are somewhat popular, if not a 'standard' considered by LA-goers.

Guess it's time for you, like me, to bust out the CD's...or Mp3s.


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Have not listened to the radio in years. We keep a small mp3 player in the car to use on long drives, but there's seriously nothing on the radio that I can't find via paid downloads. ^_^

Once WMMS 100.7 lost its spirit of "The Buzzard" in Cleveland, Clear Channel took over and it's, well, just plain crap. It used to be the voice of the 80s, with a little hard rock like Blue Oyster Cult and Judas Priest thrown just to keep the high school burn-outs happy.

Good times long gone. Another fatality of the right-wing obsessed Clear Channel, Kangaroo. I do sympathize. :-(


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ClearChannel is plain crap. That sucks dude. I don't know what I'd do without my local university station KRVU, it plays awesome everythin! Radio, decent radio, is a rare beast these days indeed.


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That's one of the reasons the station went down. I guess you gotta make some sacrifices for bigger things. :/

I hear it's so bad, they might be de-listed from the NYSE.