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Oi there, just a hitup on these fur-ums. (eksdee)

I'd like to ask you for an advice regarding design of my fursona. Rather a mascot, regarding my future use with it, but it doesn't really matter, I hope.

You see, I used to be in a Sonic fandom. U s e d t o . From 2013 'till 2014. Then I escaped. However, I made myself a Fursona in these dark ages, and gotta say; I'm pretty glad about my Kioshi. (Or Marky, because I'm Mark.) Though I'm kinda bothered about one thing.

Does my koala fursona Kioshi look like a Sonic OC?


And if so, do you have any good art-styles for your characters I can use?

I'm gonna use it for my YouTube show, also gonna represent myself with Kioshi on-line generally. Based on myself (not depressed, yay), and possesed with cassettes and retro gaming, experiencing multiple near-deaths from repairing VCRs and tape decks, mostly from forgetting to unplug them. (Truly, I'm that retarded.)

I drew it myself, so you can be as harsh as you want to, punks.

Thanks, dudes. Sorry for my Eastern-european English.

Bigbeater Kioshi.


Smart batto!
Maybe a bit, yeah. It could use some work though, as it looks a bit off - the "trying to replicate particular style without getting into deeper undestanding of fundamentals behind said style or character proportions in general" kind of off .з. Switching "art-styles" will hardly help you here, you need either work a bit more on said understanding of proportions and basics of good-looking characters, or ask some semi-decent artist you know to help you out on that (especially if you want to use hi as a mascot of your channel - on YouTube, presentation is everything).