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The Dissenter


Frequent DOM-inoes customer
Are you kidding? Onionbreath has been a fine, loyal companion as well as convenient transportation for over 25 years! We've formed a bond that cannot be broken by mere mortals

There was no sane reason for you to drink water straight from the toilet when the faucet's right there


I lost my sock
Straight as in the direction or sexual orientation? Either way, it's better to turn around and be gay!

Wearing socks is better than being barefoot.


I lost my sock
Doctors visits cost too much money, just poke at it a little, you'll be fine!

Everyone should own a TV.


Well-Known Member
Then you won't mind if I take all your money and belongings.

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts.

Sir Thaikard

Chicken and waffles suck because every single time I order it people give me honey mustard instead of gravy. WHO EATS CHICKEN AND WAFFLES WITH HONEY MUSTARD?

Wiping back to front is gross.


The Silent Observer
The only thing gross is your reluctance to those that make the most out of Nature's gravy. It's like a mud mask for the perineum!

I deserve to have my account escalated to a 1-month suspension because of this comment.