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The Division PS4 Clan Black Dogs Unit (BDU)


Welcome, I'm going to quickly get to the point, this is a more casual community for The Division on PS4 that I am trying to throw together. More of a list of people to game with you could say.

So far I have a Discord server with the name for text chat and or voice chat if so desired. As well as a Community named Black Dogs Unit on the PSN communities page, so you can find it there easily.

The rules are simple, don't be an asshat, respect others, don't push you're beliefs onto others.

I'm not politically correct, if you are PC and are with non PC players just ask them to hold back, but don't be a ass about it either. Obviously if they go full jackass about it as well then they are in the wrong etc.

If someone starts to get offended and you know it's offensive, just drop it. I highly suggest you don't get into arguments while in the Dark Zone for obvious reasons.

If someone from the community ganks you via kicking you from the party etc record it for proof because that can easily be a super dick move worthy of a ban.

If you start drama and don't knock it off when asked kindly warned etc, you will be kicked

Now if all of that didn't scare you away feel free to hit me up via finding the community, contacting me on here etc, if you contact me on PS4 just let me know where you read this so I know you are not some random person just being a punk.

Thank you for you're time, have a fantastic day.


Giving this a bump and an update, group has four members so far, three being my self and friends, and the final being recruited here from the site. Drop me a line if your interested.