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The Dog Says Woof: See & Say buttons!!


Pretentious Cat
So, having outfitted myself with other accessories to accomodate changing tastes and needs, I've come up with a quaint little idea. Hopefully you might be interested:


Basically, these are all the blank templates. How it works is I'll color the template to your character's basic color scheme (within limits- these are small buttons), and send it off to you! Shipping is included, and so is a paypal fee; if you don't pay me via paypal, then they'd only be $2.

If your species of choice is not on here, have no fear! I can make a chibi-esque template for your species too; the cost would be only $0.50 more ($3.00 USD per button!). This doesn't mean 'oh draw my -character- chibi-style!'-- this means "I'm a bat, so I will have a chibi, non-anthro bat drawn and colored to my specifications". If you're an unusual kind of hybrid, there's no guarantee I'll be able to simplify it.

The coloring would be flat with some minimal accents made post-printing (since they'll be printed out), but will still be a cute little accessory to put on your bag or coat without having it scream, 'I'M A FURRY!!!!'- well, except the fox one. ;)

In addition to what is offered above, I also offer 2 1/4" keychain buttons, 2 1/4" magnet buttons, and then 2 1/4" standard pin-back buttons. Magnet backs, keychains, and standard pinbacks are $5.50.

At this time I am not open for other commissions, just the buttons. :3 I might not offer these long-term, so if you think they are cute (and want to send me some monies), jump on the deal now! :D

e-mail me at Density@Failedtonotice.com if you're interested! :) I can be reached via instant messengers, also, that info is listed at my website ( www.failedtonotice.com ).