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The Dream Journal


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My dreams consist of something out of dead space death montages and are extremely violent and gory.


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No really stand out crazy dreams recently.
I do tend to have quite a few where I find something I've been looking for for a long time, then I wake up super happy and go to the place it was in the dream, only to find it's not there.

other than that I have falling dreams pretty often, especially if I just nod off.


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Had some kind of scary dream a few nights ago, don't remember what it was about, but I woke up with a bit of sleep paralysis and swore I saw a figure in my room for a bit.

Never a fan of that, even if I usually can deduce what is going on right away. "That doens't exist, my body isn't quite awake yet" that kind of stuff, because sometimes those figures look pretty real.

Many years ago I had a dream of a desert with vast gears rising out of it and into the sky, and that image has stuck with me. So now I'm turning it into a kind of lengthy prose poem. Get it down and out of the way.


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Once I had a dream that I was eating a giant marshmallow. Then I woke up to find my giant marshmallow had disappeared :V (It's a bad joke, alright?)

Honestly though, whenever I have a dream in familiar environments they always seem to look slightly different and I never notice until I wake up. Like how two rooms next to each other might be merged into one, or there is an entrance that isn't normally there.
Sometimes my dreams are seemingly normal, other times they are just downright crazy. Last one I can remember involved a PSHE teacher at my school wielding a lightsaber.


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i hate the dreams where you find large amounts of money, get it hidden and squarely in your possession, and when you wake up, you could have sworn that you had 10 grand stashed SOMEWHERE

but then you remember

it was just a dream...


One time I had a dream I was having trouble breathing, then woke up face first in my pillow, true story.


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Dreamt I was browsing the forums.


You must be the happiest man alive, you are living your dreams. How does it feel to achieve this?

I can't remember much of my dream this morning, but I think it had murder in it.. murder most foul!
My dreams frequent death at times, I'm a bit worried about my mind. I'm never the killer though.


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I can't remember much of my dream this morning, but I think it had murder in it.. murder most foul!
My dreams frequent death at times, I'm a bit worried about my mind. I'm never the killer though.

It's gotta be my death in the Mafia thread, those guys are voting me out pretty hard D:

Once I had a dream that I was eating a giant marshmallow. Then I woke up to find my giant marshmallow had disappeared :V (It's a bad joke, alright?)

I actually did have a dream once where there was an ice-cream cone floating in front of me with a cookie pattern dancing in the background. I reached up to get it, but was saddened to find that as I woke up it disappeared. It was probably one of my saddest dreams >:


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I had a dream about a grim-dark-like little red riding hood, (little red killing werewolves and what not). It was crazy because she was young, had to be between 14-18. And of course the "big bad wolf" was just a little kid, maybe only 12. But there were other werewolves in it much older and more vicious than the kid. I know it was on the verge of being a nightmare but it was well...really nice. The kid was like a little puppy dog, like you didn't know whether to side with little red or protect the kid and such.
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Let's see... Well I remember several dreams from the age of 6 to now, but I usually forget my dreams the instant I wake up. Unless my alarm goes off during a dream and I'm jerked from fifth stage sleep to first stage. Then I'm usually pretty good at remembering.

For example, here's a dream I had at the age of about 7 (copy-pasted from another forum):
I am outside by a dead tree at night. A black "wolf" (more like a weird cut-out of a wolf) starts chasing me. After a revolution or so around the tree, I see the backdoor to my grandmother's house. I run inside, past a washer and dryer. For some reason, either the kitchen door is not on the right side of this room or I ignore it (dream logic, I suppose). I go straight for the door to the garage, not bothering to close the back door behind me. (This is ironic, because the IRL door closes on its own.) I am unable to open the door and am forced to turn and face the wolf, who jumps at me and "eats" me. (Although, the eating is never explicitly seen in the dream.)

I also recently had a dream where Ameterasu punched Jupiter/Zeus in the dick. Odin came to his aid, but Horus just laughed at him. Fun times... I have strange dreams when I read too much mythology.


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I hardly ever dream as much as i want to. Even then since i started work they have been much shorter than they ever were and i could barely remember them :(
When i was on holiday i dreamed almost every other day though, it was amazing.


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I hardly ever dream as much as i want to. Even then since i started work they have been much shorter than they ever were and i could barely remember them :(
When i was on holiday i dreamed almost every other day though, it was amazing.

Of course, I'm no expert, but perhaps the monotony of your everyday life is causing so little change that your dreams are suffering. I would advise you to try out new things as much as possible, even things you never want to try. It brings, how do I describe it, a sort of variety and newness to your life and sometimes even challenges you to think differently. That's probably what happened on your holiday. Instead of the same workplace over and over, you got to experience something different and your brain LOVES that kind of stuff. It's the kind of stuff that makes crazy dreams happen and causes you to feel "alive" as opposed to "meh, alive." At least, that's what my experience tells me.


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Last night I dreamed that I acquired a car/truck with 'superpowers' of some sort. But then I started getting text messages from a guy (brings to mind Darth Sidious from Star Wars), asking me to do favours for him like driving him places. At first I obliged because I had a feeling that he was responsible for me getting the car. But then he started asking me to hurt other people, and trying to make me get other people involved. At that point I drew the line and decided I would no longer run around for him. I classed this one as a bad dream because I felt a lot of fear.

I also once dreamed that I was branded on my wrist with a branding iron, and I actually felt pain. Obviously not as much pain as the real thing would cause, mind.

I have a lot of dreams that I am in the Saw movies. Sometimes a victim and sometimes not. They are pretty terrifying at the time.


One time, there was this dream where my left hand was cut off, of course no pain, but I could see a strip of flesh at my lower wrist with a vein and stuff showing, then I looked again and my hand was there. Then there was another dream which jumped around alot, mine do that alot, and it was appearently after some doctors said that they'd have to amputate one of my legs above the knee, I think left not sure, and my mother was very upset with me, I know it doesn't make sense but it does to me, and I secretly was excited, and I did NOT know this was a dream. I know, I'm fricken demented.


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Right, here we go before I forget it.
Last night I dreamt I was on a surf charter on a desert island in Indonesia and was abandoned by the seaplane we hired. Discovered an ancient civilisation, boarded a pirate ship and travelled to new York where some sort of apocalypse had occurred and I had somehow travelled hundreds of years into the future. cruised around a flooded overgrown new York on my pirate ship until I cam across a witch who was up to no good. I became immortal by drinking from 3 candles and locked the witch away underground and destroyed the ancient new York only to become trapped underground myself. The only way out was to turn myself into fruit juice using a juicer. after escaping I found the guy who arranged my surf charter robbing my house because he thought I was dead. I proceeded to zap him into dust and then reshape him into a hot chick who I then married...
That was one fucked up dream.


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I always have dreams. My folks think its bad to have so many, but I like having them. They're always something to do with my friends and me though, and there seems to be an emphasis on colors.

One dream in particular I remember is when I was running from what seem to be Nazis. Everthing was black and white and it was rainy and muddy. I got shot in the back of the head and I fell into the mud. I started sinking and losing consciousness and then there was a flash of light. I woke up with the pain of the bullet hitting me in the back of the head. I had this dream before I started having my psychological problems.

And when I dream about certain friends, they always appear with a certain color. I always dream about my coworker in white, and the dreams are always pleasant. On the flip side, my friend who is kind of a jerk always appears in black and I wake up feeling pain. Last time I dreamt about my jerk friend he was well......on top of me. He had a terrible smile on his face and the whole room was black and grey. All I felt was a sharp pain and when I woke up I couldn't move for a bit.

My grandmother, who is very superstitious, told me that in dreams white represents protection, black represents abscense, and snakes refer to an enemy in your life. But I don't really think it's too serious. It's interesting though.


I don't quite remember my dream. I kept getting woken up by test emergency systems.


I had a pretty crazy yet good dream last night. I don't remember it all but it involved some of my friends, my teacher, my brother who in the dream was called over for a water leak, and freakin' RENARD QUEENSTON! Not the alias, but the guy himself! I was so excited in my dream, I had so many questions and things to talk about. Then it was a dream within a dream and I ''woke up'' frustrated.


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I've had some interesting ones. Here are four that stand out:

First dream is one that has been recurring since I was a young child...I had to have been about 5 when I first started dreaming this and I still dream it maybe once a year to this day:

I am standing in this forest that is dead and full of decay. Twisted gnarled branches with thorns and stagnant pools of water. It's nighttime and there is a sense of utter panic and fear about the place.

Then this blue disk of soft blue light comes rolling through this place...and the light is peaceful and loving but it is running from some unseen force or entity that aims to consume it. The blue disk of light is afraid. It bumps into a twisted log on the ground, splashes through stagnant water on the other side...and then disappears into the darkness of the forest.

The dream always ends there.


The second dream has also recurred, though less frequently than the other.

I am high in the atmosphere. Dawn is breaking....there is a vast sea of pastel colors...reds...purples...oranges...white and soft yellow kissing the horizon. A faint but friendly haze. Above my head, a rippled layer of cirrocumulus, so close I could touch it.

I fly up to it, and weave between these soft ripples of cloud so high above it all. Then I settle and stand on this cloud...seeing an even higher layer of cirrocumulus above me. Below, the earth is bathed in a pinkish purple light with the same purple haze, with golden streaks of yellow reflecting off distant bodies of water..and a coastline far in the distance.

I have enormous white wings, and I jump from the cloud and soar again, flying up down and in between this skyward heaven, feeling a sense of love and happiness I've never felt elsewhere, in this technicolor skyscape.


The third dream is also recurring.

It takes place either different settings and times and scenarios....but always involves an airliner crashing in my hometown.

I dreamt that it was raining, and I was standing outside my workplace, heading home...when suddenly I heard an explosion in the atmosphere above. Metal parts came raining down, I ducked as some whizzed past my head. When I stood, there were scattered fires....people hanging lifelessly in trees, a smashed engine lay in the parking lot, on fire.

Another time I dreamt there was a weather diversion and large planes were being directed to land at my local airport. A United 747 was making its descent when it encountered poor visibility and dropped too low. I was standing on a trail on the slope of a local hill, as I watched this lost plane turn to the right....and fly straight into the hilltop, erupting in a mass of flame.

I ran as fast as I could and as I did so night turned to daytime. I came upon the wreckage and began to pull people from the plane....some still alive but all badly burned. Body parts were everywhere. I screamed at the sky..."Why would you let this happen?!" and then collapsed in anguish.

Another time I was watching a 737 flying overhead, only to see it dive and crash somewhere outside of town. In this dream I was young and asked my parents to help me find the wreckage and save the people. We drove for hours before finding it. There were no bodies...and no wreckage...just a charred impact site.

I also dreamt of watching a contrail overhead....and seeing the plane explode, raining down parts but this time in broad daylight.


The fourth and final dream is the strangest. I only dreamt it once.

I was living with my grandmother at the time, having been abandoned by my parents. I was asleep on the couch...and I dreamt that I got up from the couch, and started walking towards the kitchen. When I got to the doorway..nighttime turned to day...and I looked behind me towards the couch...and in that room it was still night...and there...I could see my sleeping body. This...strange ethereal thing was attached to me and to my sleeping self, keeping the two of us connected somehow.

I turned back towards the kitchen and went inside. I looked out the window at the dawn...and then above me...balanced on the top of a doorframe...was a cat. An orange and white cat. It stared at me...and then spoke with a deep but powerful voice I could feel reverberate through me:

"Is this really what you want?"

It paused, then spoke again:

"You have forgotten your purpose. Remember!"

Then it jumped from the door frame, and went right through me. I woke up, gasping for air, feeling like I was suffocating. I got up...went to the kitchen...and it was nighttime. The clock read 4:44 AM.

Since then....I see 4:44 everywhere....randomly glance at the clock anywhere and I see it at least three times a week. It always reminds me of that dream. Too surreal....
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