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The Dream Journal


AFP's Most Unwanted
I had a dream that I was commandeering a large walking tank and was assaulting the flank on an enemy armour division.

Best dream yet.


New Member
When I remember my dreams, I have extreme difficulty distinguishing them from my conscious memories.

Does anyone have tips for this?


Hit 'em right between the eyes
I had a dream this morning that I was a Pokemon trainer, but I had tamed Toothless too. I was riding on his back, and there was a Pikachu behind me trying to tickle him.


I've been having a lot of at-work dreams lately. I basically dream of normal work events and it's really boring.


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
One time I dreamed that I was repeatedly punching someone in a car (I don't even know) and I woke up abruptly, and in pain, because I had punched my bedside table in my sleep.


The Last of Us.
So im on holiday abroad again and dreaming properly again. This morning i had the best dream of my life. Spanded over a long while and seemed as long as a feature length film. Before i had recently finished watching Spice and Wolf and that night read a hefty chunk of Game of Thrones and watched a documentary on wolves. The resulting dream was half medieval have present, modern shops and cinemas engrossed in vines and trees with wooden housing and farmyards. I can only remember bits, there was even like a war sub plot that i forget the details of. Anyway i moved to this village and soon made a group of friends. I then met this attractive girl who soon became my Gf and also didnt wear much clothes. Oh and she could turn into a fucking wolf whenever she wanted. She got me a job working at the cinema with her by day whilst she was the literal guard dog at night. Anyway met her parents who were wolves and brought my parents now and then. Later she taught me how to turn, anthro at first and for city work, then all fours for whenever after. Everything was good for a while then some warring started and so we both fled as wolves. Lived out the rest of the dream froliciing and surving, and talking to each other about what we really thought about the other animals behind their backs. I genuinely felt extremely happy then woke up. I didnt know whether to remember it because of how realistic and nice it felt or forget knowing i'll most likely not find someone and the rest could never happen...


Hit 'em right between the eyes
Had another crazy one this morning. I met Hugo Weaving, Ian McKellan, and the guy who plays Pippin. I wanted to take a photo with Hugo Weaving in costume but he said I couldn't because of NDAs or something.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
I had a dream that I was sitting at the computer desk, when I heard banging noises like somebody was running down the stairs. Woke up screaming.
Then I had a dream in which I had something like a Coconut Crab latched onto my arm that was creepy as fuck. Woke up normally.

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
The last dream I remember is me driving about in a forest with a car while trying to search for something with a young Marilyn Monroe looking gal sitting on the back seat. She spoke with a mediocre southern American accent
The car was an old yellow open topped car. I was probably in the 40's or something by the looks of things
Then I walked about some old town. Ended up with me having dessert with said gal :3

Finally something else than fighting/running away/being late/nightmares
More of these brain, more of this


The Cat in the FAF
Last night, I had a dream where I was at a half motel half gas station sort of place in the middle of the desert near an ocean. The place had a dock that led to a boat, and on the inside it had several rooms and a couple of bathrooms. At some point, a nuclear bomb was dropped in the distance, and I, and several guests could see this bomb explode. This scared us.

Along with this, zombies started appearing, and the motel/gas station was in a panic, with large numbers of people at this place trying to escape the place, because for some reason there were plenty of people there. During this, some of the people here and I decided to lock ourselves in the bedrooms. After a while, the place started to have less people, but there were still some zombies throughout the building and area. Occasionally, we had to leave our rooms to get what we wanted. Whenever we left our rooms, it was extremely dangerous and we had to kill many a zombie.

Eventually, we decided to work together to kill zombies and lock the place up to keep it safe from more zombies and make it safer to move around the building. We did so, and it became safer. One person used the boat to go to see and investigate an island off in the distance.


Pasties, Cider, Surfing.
The work related nightmares I've been having are becoming more violent. Woke up the other day feeling like i'd just been 10 rounds with Rocky Balboa. The night before that I decided to dismount 2 hanging paintings above my bed in my sleep for some reason. Woke up cradling one of the said paintings and swinging the other on my finger.


I had a dream last night where an old friend locked me in his house and forced me to watch movies with him.

I also dreamt I met a human version(?) of the char in my avatar. It was very odd.


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A night or two ago I had a strange dream that the new actor playing Doctor Who had been revealed, and it was a Jamaican dude with a yellow bandana. Then for some reason he did a public speech on being responsible with alcohol.

Batty Krueger

DJ Nailbunny
I constantly have aquatic dreams. Like, all the fucking time, pretty much every dream I have has to do with water of some sort.

Im pretty sure it's because of the fish tank in my room. It's kinda big and it's filtration system is very splashy.


I can barely remember this, but last night I had a strange dream where my mom and I were in some place like Las Vegas and she sold her car and my PSP or something. The best part I remember is meeting Darius from lapfox. Usually when I have dreams like this, where I meet a favorite character of mine, it's a very short meeting. Like the one dream I saw GINA, the kaiju girl, at some church. But this was a bit more longer which is a shame I can't remember it all.


Forever done
My most recent was being trapped in a castle, and I was pregnant and the wizard that owned the castle was trying to get my baby. Then some random dude who was apparently my husband came and took me away and suddenly I was a cheetah avatar in Minecraft, then I was on a log ride naked in the castle again with Robert Downy Jr.

Seriously, what the actual hell?

I don't even . . .


Forever done
I've had too many pregnant dreams at my age. That terrifies me.


Broke Artist
One time I had a dream where I was under an outside platform roof on a school building, and it was night time out and there were stairs next to me. For some strange reason Eminem was there and had shot Nigel Thornberry who's skin was like jelly so the bullet went right through him and he was unharmed?????? And then Tim Curry was with me in a wheel chair and I jumped on the back of it and rode down the stairs with him. That's probably one of my most messed up weird dreams that I remember the most.


Alright so. No joke. I had a dream a few days ago where Fallowfox, Raptros, and Gibby visited me at my house. For whatever reason dream I was a shit host and the three of them left in a van like "Wow [benign], we're never going to visit you again." I wish I could remember the details but all of you looked like your pictures in the mugshots thread and for some reason I was a shit host. Sorry dream y'all.