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The favourites page interface sucks

Awoos the Plush

Squish me!
Since FA is redesigning it's website anyway, I have one little suggestion for an update: Change the interface of the "favourites" page on profiles.

the current interface works really crappy, because:
  • It isn't organised in pages like page #1 or page #2, instead the pages are sorted like 1 day ago or 2 days ago (which isn't even that accurate)
  • Therefore if you have multiple tabs of your favourites page, you add more images to your favourites and then refresh all the pages, they don't update
  • the link of the page decides which images are visible on the page, because instead of a link ending like "/page/X/" it ends with something like "/XXXXXXXXX/next/" (the "next" means you pressed the next page button on this page)
To me this works really unpractical and my suggestion is to give it the same interface as the "Gallery" page