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The fears and phobias thread


Zoots Root
This is a thread for you to share any fears or phobias you have. Let's start off with me.

I have a fear of heights and a fear of bees and wasps, I also have a fear of tornadoes, I remember I was awake in my room one night while a servere storm was raging outside, I didn't care for it, until the thought of a tornado crossed my mind, and I felt scared.

I also have a fear of being considered "weak" or a "weakling", I posted more in-depth about this in the confessions thread:

I have a fear of being considered "weak" or being considered a "weakling". I payed the price of being one back in 6th grade, but now, when you are 6ft and almost 200 pounds (and I'm only 15) not many people would want to bully you.

I remember the last time I checked I could bench press 140 pounds and squat nearly 180 pounds. And yet, I still feel like that I'm too wimpy.

That's exactly why I bench press, I was bullied for being a weakling when I was 13. My body size jumped nearly 50 pounds and I grew like around 6 inches when I was 14. But like someone with Anorexia, (how they see theirselves as fat, even though they are skinny enough for you to count their ribs,) people tell me how I look "big" and I had multiple people tell me that I look like a man until they see my face, but I see myself as a wimp. But unlikely someone with anorexia, this has encouraged me to start working out.

The truth is, due to the fear of me getting my ass kicked in a fight, it was me becoming a furry (and the way people treat them ) that made start working out on a daily basis

So what are your fears?


Oh boy, let's get this over with.

Zero gravity
Centipedes (completely fine with THE BEES THE BEES THE BEES WRREREROOREROOEROROEEEE flying around my face, though)
Walking up or down slopes
Being unable to control my feet (that's why I can never learn to ride a skateboard)
The sound of a Geiger Counter (I blame Half-Life)
Radiation in general, actually
Humanity's dependence on needlessly advanced technology (probably why I'm into cyberpunk so much)
Clusters of holes or any porous material
Specifically marionettes
The dark
Being alone in a room
Being alone in a dark room
The inevitability of death
Actually any sort of insanity. That's pretty much the scariest thing in the world for me.


Losing my teeth in an accident
Deep underwater sea monsters
Losing my family
Solar flares
having grasshoppers unexpectedly jump on me

hey look a train!

mercenary, hunter killer
clowns!! :shock::shock:


My greatest fear however is deep water, I absolutely despise open deep water. The idea of the seemingly endless darkness below me... hiding any number of horrible water-monsters... it makes me shiver just thinking about it...

I really miss reading those deep sea threads on 4chan.

Actually yeah you could probably add the sea to my list of fears. Doesn't help that I don't know how to swim.

Also praying mantises. *shudder*


Thrashing About
I've had a fear of heights for as long as I can remember, and it's the only fear I have yet to overcome.

I used to have social anxiety, and with that came a plethora of fears like talking to strangers, traveling alone, making eye contact, etc., etc. There are still hints of it on my off-days when I go out alone, but I can function around strangers now unlike before. My jobs forced me to grow a pair.

Another fear I overcame was fear of the dark... this one dominated my childhood. I can't remember one night when I didn't sleep under the covers and passed out from the heat of my own sweat and breath. Once the lights went out, I was a prisoner to my own bed. Night lights never helped. I didn't get over it until the age of 12 - I started sleeping with an LED spot light (this thing was powerful enough to light up the neighborhood). I gradually kicked it down to a small flashlight, and to this day, I still sleep with flashlights, but my fear of darkness is gone! It's more out of habit now.


Dumpster Dweller
Extreme darkness, like "fucking boogeymen are coming to get me" darkness. Also I have a fear of scorpions. Nasty little buggers that stung me twice. I can't go without cringing and jumping fifty feet in the air when something brushes against my foot if I think about them.


Drivers in my area.
I almost got into an accident on Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursday, I had a green light to cross a 4-way intersection and I had a car next to me going too. As we're crossing, I notice a car to my right who is in a yield position who has to merge into our traffic. There's no way in a million years that I would expect any driving-capable person to actually not look for oncoming traffic and I keep driving. This person doesn't give a shit and keeps on going and I'm forced to make a hard left to get in the other lane knowing full well that there is a car in that lane. Luckily for everyone there, the car that was next to me had slowed down and I was able to safely get in the left lane.


I have an irrational fear of planes. I loathe having to fly on one of those things.
One of my acquaintances sent me a video of that recent crash in Taipei. I almost felt sick. Then he goes on: "How could anyone possibly be afraid, planes are so much safer than blah blah blah statistically"

I don't care you pancake, that's why it's called an IRRATIONAL fear! -~-


People! Mainly those around the same age as me.


Taste purple
I'm scared of lizards especially the one that hang around the door ready to jump on you out of shock because you're trying to rush into the bathroom before going back for a game.



Characterless sack of potatoes
Well, let's see... I'm afraid of:

- Spiders and cockroaches. (Where I used to live, there was always sure to be something lurking in the dark corners of the room, and I hated that. Thankfully that's not the case where I live now.)
- Dying
- Dying without having accomplished anything that I wanted to accomplish
- Other people that are close to me dying
- Public Speaking
- Things that involve interpersonal skills
- Being rejected by others
- Crashing a car
- Falling off very tall things
- Accidentally jumping off very tall things
- Hearing Loss


Airship explorer
I'm scared of lizards especially the one that hang around the door ready to jump on you out of shock because you're trying to rush into the bathroom before going back for a game.


But you ARE a lizard!

Anyway, my greatest fear is anger. I cannot stay around angry people for any length of time or I will start to cry, ball up, or hide, the anger doesn't have to be directed at me to take effect. It can even come from myself and it will have the same effect.


i have trypophobia. i am slooooowwwwwly trying to work in it through exposure, but egh we ain't there yet.
i used to be phobic of cockroaches, but after living around them for so long, i did manage to get over that one. not that i won't still lose my shit if one lands on me, but well...

just plain old scary things:
-large bugs/spiders (love to learn about 'em, do not ever wanna get near 'em)
-wasps/hornets (just god no)
-really big fish (which is ridiculous for somebody who loves fishing)
-sometimes clowns (in a scary setting, clowns for some reason seem scarier than other monsters--though in normal silly setting, i like 'em.)

and my absolute biggest fear ever, unstable or uncontrollable things. pretty much any situation that i don't feel is in control, especially physically, i absolutely cannot stand it. this includes, but is not limited to:
-ladders (or other high places without firm security measures)
-people i don't know/trust (not social anxiety; it's more of a "what if that guy has a gun/i'm alone and he could mug me if he wanted to")
-people touching my sides or other vulnerable points, especially if it's unexpected (even a hug from a friend can make me panic a little if their arms are too low)


Major Dumbbutt
I would say:
-being alone at night
-public speaking

Most of these are only minor fears; I don't currently know of any phobias that I have. I happen to love spiders, though, which is interesting to me because so many people are afraid of them!
Spiders, like the fucking big ones
Looking down into a really deep pool of water
Sort of heights?


JRPG Fanatic
-Fear of Spiders
-Fear of Wasps
-Fear of Heights
-Fear of Deep Water
-Fear of Tight Enclosed Spaces
-Public Speaking

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Feti, wasps, deep water and retards.
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New Member
You know I really don't have any fears I'm aware of.
Mainly because of my mindset I suppose.
Whether I live or die, I've had a good time. No regrets.
I've had a gun in my face one time, my response was "Do it"
I just don't really care. Not that I don't value my life, I'm just not worried about anything.