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The fears and phobias thread


Really?? I just thought I was being weird. I don't even know where I came up with that thought to begin with. I think it started back in highschool some 10 years ago.

Yeah, it's definitely a thing. The technical term for this philosophy is called solipsism.


YoungClaw The Bright
I have a fear of any insect that flies in my general area. It sends shivers down my spine everytime something flies past my head. That's why I immediately kill every flying bug in my home.

I also have a fear of the unexpected. When I know something is going to happen, but I don't know where or exactly when, I begin to have a small panic.


Fig Newton
I use to have a huge phobia of anything dead, necrophobia. One time I was watching this TV show/documentary about a chimpanzee exhibit at some zoo. On this episode, one of the chimps had died (it may have been from old age, idk) so they used this crane-thing to get it out. By the time they had found him, riger mortis had already set in (for those who don't know, riger mortis is when a corpse becomes really stiff and rigid). Seeing the stiff carcass being lifted out of the exhibit really triggered my phobia. I literally froze in utter horror, and I wasn't able to look away.

Another time this happened was when my dad told me to go in the crawlspace under my house to set up rat poison or something. Now you may be thinking, "Oh, he found a dead rat or something," but no. I shined my flashlight 2 feet from my right and discovered the skeletal remains of an opossum or raccoon. Frozen, I stood there in terror, only to be able to stare, until maybe 10 minutes later (it felt like an eternity) my dad came back and helped me out.

Since then I've gotten over my fear.


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
I'm extremely fearful of getting older.

Think this explains the dream I had last night. I dreamed I was back in school for some reason. People around me were 16-18 or so, but I was still my age. And I felt really out of place, that no one was wanting to interact with me because of my age, even though mentally I was on-par exactly with these people, and I wanted to be their friends. And I wanted to be in school because I love learning. But I felt as though I shouldn't be there, like I should be being a grown ass adult like I actually am and getting a job and entering the race.

arcticross fox

King of Snow cones
mirrors at night
wasps,bees or anything that stings
the dark when I'm alone
big spiders
the slenderman
not knowing things
public speaking
being seen as "average"
breaking something
doing something being forced to do something I don't want to
failing something important
being called stupid, idiot, boring, etc.


gay for moleman
flying. being in an airport at all actually.

being told i have to deliver a brief/concept to a potential client weeks before the actual date. the stress gathers slowly and on the day of, i sometimes vomit or get the nervous sh!ts, i always get lightheaded and weak in the knees D: i have not told my boss >_> she thinks i don't mind... somehow it has never improved over time.


Stranger Than You!
  • As a general rule, any loud, sudden noise (especially an unexpected one). Fire alarms are the worst.
  • Heights to some extent. I feel safe looking out even an airplane window, but I like having a stable floor under me.

That's really it at this day and age. I had some others when I was younger (and, interestingly, one most adults would consider a safety measure rather than a fear: I was actually afraid of approaching broken glass barefoot), but they're either weak or gone now.


Active Member
The fear of being stuck with my bad choices from the past and not being able to move on to better things. I have been trying to improve myself over the past few years but I can't follow through with anything because there are some things that I feel as though I am trapped in. My job, my social life, my living situation. I want to move to a new state and start over a new opportunity but my friends get upset when I tell them that and they claim that I am running away from my problems. It is a constant fear that making an attempt to improve my life will cause more problems for everyone else around me.


Scary Monster; Super Creep
My only real phobia is failing others and being abandoned by the few people I care about. That's it, honestly.

I know it isn't much and that's kind of boring. :/ If it's any consolation, I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder as a result of that phobia and it's paralyzing so at least it's a doozy.


Mountain Mew
Un-enclosed heights
Getting older


I haven't found an answer yet
Death from heart disease. I get panic attacks at night some times related to this ><.

Generally don't like heights too much.

Also that I won't find a "soul mate" and I'll die not knowing what true love really is like.


Scary Monster; Super Creep
Death from heart disease. I get panic attacks at night some times related to this ><.

Generally don't like heights too much.

Also that I won't find a "soul mate" and I'll die not knowing what true love really is like.

You'll find the love of your life, Feste. Just give it time! *hug*

Also, I have a friend who suffers from anxiety due to fear of liver disease. He experiences panic often too as a result. :(


Horned Lizard...Geddit?

It's a Cazador!

I have a fear of the oceran, and sea creatures in general really; horrid things. Me n parents used to go out on a litttle dhingy when on holiday to get to a certain part of the coast; always passed right over an old mining platform from back when the tide level was lower, bout 100 years old and is now just a gigantic rectangle completely covered in seaweed, about 2ft below the surface. Looked like a goddamn leviathan to me as a kid! Also swam face first into a large dead animal once xD

Oh and Rabbits. DOOM did that to me.

(Not you guys though, you're all cool) xD

Deleted member 93706

1. Deep, stagnant water that I can't see the bottom of
2. Deep water that I can't see the bottom of
3. Water that I can't see the bottom of
4. Spiders
5. Heights