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The furmeet poem

Back in the day of Furaffinity.
Going though loads of furry art at would last for infinity.
Though do not get me wrong I am still on the site today.
So do not bash me, troll me or have anything nasty to say.

I dreamed about going to a furmeet.
I thought about fursuiters having a meet.
I watched loads of meets on youtube and thought have that looks fun.
They looked like they was a lot they looked like they was a tone.

I thought to myself I wish I could go.
But I did not have a fursuit and I planed to make the fursuit and go to the furmeet but it was been too slow.
So I found out they was a furmeet and I got up on my feet.
And headed towards the furmeet.

I did not have a fursuit on, too my shock it was busy but everyone seemed to be having fun.
They served food and said help yourself to a bun.
The place was busy I might of had a drink.
Just something to help me think.

By soon it was the furwalk.
On YouTube it was all the talk.
Some furries squared.
While others was silent and just walked.

I went walking with them, we went on the, lady boys tent ticket stand and got into trouble.
I was angry with that Scottish guy and my mind was in a fuble.
We walked to the fountain most furries ignored the do not go on grass sign.
If a fursuiter fell in they would have to hang their fursuit on the line.

We made our way back to the bar.
Yes we made it ha ha!
I knew a few furs from FA online.
I hope there friendship will be mine.

So now you now about leeds furmeet.
A exelent adventure you can not beat.
I see the furries as my family.
It would be a shame if I could not go and see my family. :( :,( :Cry: :'(