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The furry above you got kicked out of school. Why?



You installed free cinnamon roll machines in the school, but laced all of them with marijuana. Your school was higher than a skyscraper and everyone was super chill, except everyone's grades plummeted.


Fundamentalist Heretic
Set off the sprinker system, and jammed it so it wouldn't shut off.
Sprayed in the tracher’s face. When sent to the principal’s office he sprayed in the principal’s face!


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Kept running into people, due to being unable to see through that hair, eventually creating a 'domino effect' where you, 12 students a teacher and the guidance counselor fell down a flight of stairs.

Water Draco

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Well it happened like this.
KiaraTC was playing with there ball of string batting it all about the place. Unbeknown to KiaraTC was that the ball of string had been unravelling and had got cought around all sorts of things. This in turn started a chain of unfortunate events.
Ahashki had not noticed the string and tripped. Unfortunately when Ahashki reached out to stop them selves from falling, accidentally pushed a teacher who then fell down a flight of stairs.