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The furry above you has been grounded. Why?

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Probably lurking.
Grounded for not being grounded already

Jackpot Raccuki

Forgot to pay the bills with his skills.
Grounded for not kissing the homies good night.

PC Master Race

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My tail is not for opening those... pre-made "food" !
Grounded for packing the whole fridge with your beans ! There isn't enough space for my ice cream now !

PC Master Race

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Grounded for .....

Filling our apparentment with all your weapons! Seriously be a pacifist. (Though the art looks AMAZING.)
I'm a blacksmith.
First rule of having a blacksmith roommate is never suggest pacifism ! Grounded ! (Thanks though !)

Grounded for trampling all the mufasa plushes at the Disney store
Grounded for ditching the Pumbaa plushies !

Grounded for being an average taco fan instead of the average burrito enjoyer.
Grounded for being an average burrito enjoyet instead of an average pancake lover.