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The furry above you has to go to the vet! Why? (More fun & games)


Worshiper of Monster
He's got some red spots on his cheeks. :>


Worshiper of Monster
Gosh heccin he did a noticing!

**maybe if I hide he won't notice!!!**
*notices. Prescribes rash medicine and insists on two weeks of bed rest*


Worshiper of Monster
oh.. not that red ;w;
*gives a.. smooch on top of the, uh, "rash"* :>

You're at the vet because your pet cat have chipped her claw.

beanie the sleepy kitty

(◡ ω ◡✿) ꪑꫀꪮ᭙
I've had that once, and it actually saved my life. The doctor said if I had not developed jaundice, then he would of sent me home, instead of finding out that my gallbladder was overflowing with stones.
They going so I can hold their hand when I get my rectumopothy.
Hypothermia after doing the polar bear plunge


Joy Boi