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The furry above you just died, why?

Chad Firepaws

Going out of business
It started off as an ordinary day. Blue skies, chirping birds, and what SEEMED like an ordinary visit to the dentist. You just needed a pick-me-up before you go. A nice cup of coffee from Starbucks, you decide. But uh oh, you've pulled into the StarBuck Naked Coffee Hut/Strip club by mistake. You'd leave, but you've already paid for your pumpkin spice latte (it IS October after all) so now you'll have to just sit in the car while several buff deer stare awkwardly at you. You realize that the car in front of you is your dentist, and well let's just say he's practicing poor oral hygiene.

You gasp in shock, and then a random piano falls on your head because it's "wacky Wednesday"

Plouc the Dragon

Retired (call it fucking quits!)
You are stuck in that position in the level from Trouble in Terrorist Town, until someone give you the hot potato and runs away. Thus, you explode with the hot potato.

(Remember Garry's Mod?)


Joy Boi


vaporeon character != mushroom characters
mushroom revolt over the pizza


Joy Boi
Got sausaged.


Woof? Woof
One too many smooches. o3o