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The furson above you has been hospitalized, why?



you tried a toe to toe with my Over
he was generous and just slapped you like Cell slapped hercule on DBZ


You tried to fight a moose
You know.......that would be possible and none of my sonas would want to do it, but they would lose for the moose
that was accurate
Now.......uh.....you raved too hard?


4-tailed kitsune
Someone saw your fancy attire and mysterious persona and mistook you for the lucrative mark: Agent R. They accidentally shot you from a distance. Don't worry though a mysterious benefactor has already fully paid for your hospital bills and left a "kind" note next to your hospital bed. The note says "I am so sorry that YOU ACCIDENTLY TRIPPED ON A BEDSHEET AT AN ANTIQUE SHOP AND BUMPED INTO SOMEONE OPEN CARRYING A PISTOL ON THEIR BELT CAUSING IT TO MISFIRE. Iwish you a speedy recovery and hope it will never happen again in the future. You seem like a kind and SENSIBLE rabbit." Inside the note is a very hefty sum of money. You're unsure what exactly really happened but know if you go along with that story this is enough to keep you very happy for several years.


aka Cutter Cat
You got one of your tails caught in a fan blade.


Aussie foxy
Got stuck from the waist down in a trash can that was just a little too small:p


Well-Known Member
Tail got stuck in a door