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The Golden Tether; A Furry RP

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In London during the early 1800s there was a town called Allenswood hidden deep within the hill country of England. Surrounded by a lush forest of trees and wild life, Allenswood lived in prosperity under their Governor and the lordship of Sir Concord, a noble eagle who owned a large estate an hour or two outside the town. The townsfolk could see the castle from above the tops of trees, its spears shining down on them with stained glass windows like a loving adult. Concord frequented the town and helped in the manufacture of silk and fruits and vegetables. He was an outstanding member of the community, which was a god fearing and pious community that feared the superstitious. In Allenswood, there largest flaw was the large financial gap between the poor and the aristocracy. The pure blooded looked down on those of mixed race or poor bloodline, and two separate churches were built marking the contrast and conflict between the two social classes. The Governor always attempts to mend this gap, being born from a poor family himself and raised to the top by his own doing. But the aristocratic families powers and traditions are too strong to be reformed over night.
Sir Concord held a dark secret in his Estate called the Red Manor. He held lavish parties, fundraisers, musicals and plays and none of his house guests would ever guess the secret tunnels and doors that riddled the mansion. Inside the wine cellar, should you choose the right combination of bottles at the correct keg of wine, a secret door will open to the dungeon of the great Red Manor. You'll hear cries of pain and pleasure, echoing down the dark hallway lit only by the candle you could carry. A room full of cages and chains and torture devises was Sir Concord's largest secret. Prisoners of Allenswood that were sentanced to death would find their way into his dungeon, where they languished in cages and forced to endure tortures no man should bare witness to.
In the bowels of hell a demon lurked, and one day smelled debauchery he could not resist. The Hell hound rose to earth, and followed the scent of sin to the Red Manor. As a guest, he and Concord became close friends fast. Concord could confide in him all his secrets and obsessions without being judged. He had no idea of the hell hounds origins, who introduced himself only as Bartlebee. The time finally came when he introduced Bartlebee to his dungeon of torture and delight. Overwhelmed with blood lust and jealousy, Bartlebee devoured Concord on the spot in front of all the slaves present screaming and hiding in their cages. He feasted on the slaves that did not comply with his new ownership, and kept the slaves that were too frightened to fight back.
A dark shadow loomed over Allenswood from then on. The peasant people fear the manor, claiming its haunted and cursed. When the castle steeples shadow reaches the town at the strike of four, all the towns people run and hide for fear that its shadow will curse them with bad luck. The rich and aristocratic laugh at these superstitions, knowing Bartlebee instead as a businessman and aristocrat himself. Bartlebee loves to throw rich parties that tend to get a bit wild that the towns people love. His slave chambers are a secret to anyone whom he does not already know. He does not keep is as well a hidden secret at Concord, but feels no need to. The Governor knows something is wrong with Bartlebee's renamed Black Estate. The vanish of Concord went unexplained, and a new man now lives in his home commanding all his servants and employees with no debate. He is determined to find out what rubs him the wrong way about Bartlebee and the mansion, but Hell has claimed the town now and there is no escape.

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The air was heavy, saturated with rain the day the governor of Allenswood received a hard knock on his office door. The disgruntled man stood and arranged the messy stacks of paperwork on his desk. Before he could give the lion permission to enter he was already inside, the door closed behind him.

"We have a secret tip, governer." The officer said, holding out an envelope for the governor to take. The other lion took it with a snag, angrily ripping it open letting the letter fall out onto his desk. He lifted it and read aloud,

"Today at 4:00 pm there will begin a slave auction in the Black Mansion hosted by Sir Bartlebee Archambeau. I would come forward but my safety is as stake.
Your Friend."

The governor crinkled the paper in his hand and glared out the window. Atlas Farmer crossed his arms, the paper still in his fist. The groomed lions first instinct was that this was a trap. He knew better than to run into things with his brights on, but the urge to rid his struggling city of another scourge of slavery. He hated that word, and its connotations. The only thing he hated more than slavery were the slavers, who to him were the worst scum of the earth. He would have to go about things carefully.

"What should I do sir?" The officer asked, staring at Atlas in the window. Atlas turned to him and sat back down.

"Nothing for now man, stand down."

While Cossette hurried out of her carriage to the mansion, Bartlebee waited for her with Nero wrapped around his hips like a loincloth standing in the middle of the parlor while the fire roared in the fireplace. It was most peculiar time to have a fire in the fireplace, seeing as it was in the highth of spring. It was warm outside, and all the slaves and masters wore a light coat of sweat on top of their fur and skin. Except Bartlebee. The Hellhound remained untounched as he groped at Nero's rear, stroking the cats long slender tail, curling it around his wrist and pulling softly his rump upward so that he could grope him deeper.

Just then Cossette stormed in, wearing a white and yellow spring dress. It was thin and she carried a parasol with her to keep the sun out of her eyes. She looked up at Bartlebee waiting for her up the small set of steps to the parlor. He smiled at her and dipped Nero down like the two were dancing.

"Has milady found a new auctioneer for us to move around some slaves?" Bartlebee asked, although he knew the answer.

"No." Cossette sat down on an overstuffed recliner and stretched her legs out. "They've been keeping slave auctions to a hush hush because of the new law forbidding slaves that were not born into slavery. If they're birth certificate does not say 'slave', then they are not a slave! It is balderdash. They're cowards and crooks." She sneered, shooing a slave away who came offering her tea and cookies.

"Technically we are the crooks." Bartlebee laughed, as a guard in black armor ran up to him with exhausted breath.

"Sir." He began, although he clearly could not speak for another moment. He raised a hand and caught his breath, Bartlebee rolled his eyes at the mortal and let him without punishment. "There was a huge gust of cold wind- in the library. A small tornado of ice, with a man right at its center!" He coughed. Bartlebee lifted Nero off of him and left the guard behind. He motioned for Cossette to follow, and as she passed Nero she grabbed his tail with a yank implying he should cover her.
Brandi stood outside the library forcing the doors closed. They rattled and shook with the gusts of wind that were inside, which made Cossette moan at the thought of all her precious work ruined or unsorted. Bartlebee took Brandi aside, allowing the doors to open in a large gust of wind and then grow still. Snow fell from the ceiling, down upon the tables and shoulders and books. Then it quickly melted away. Bartlebee steped through the cold mist and batted a hand at the clouds. In the clearing, a white fox sat upon the long table with his legs crossed. A pair of glasses sat neatly on his long white nose and dark blue hair streamed down his back. He held in his hand a pile of papers and read quietly to himself.

"Silas!" Bartlebee shouted, with a vague grin. "You could learn to knock."

Silas ignored Bartlebee entirely, lifting his head after the hell hound was done speaking and holding the stack of calligraphy up.

"Who wrote this?" He said in a cool voice. Cossette took a step forward and snatched the papers out of his hand.

"They're mine!" She spat. "They are finished yet, they're not for reading!" Silas smiled at her for a brief moment before turning icy and stoic again.

"Fascinating." He said to himself, and nodded to Bartlebee. "I have a location you can hold your slave auction. My old slave Pom is now a slaver, and she owns a small but well filled estate just north of here. It is a long ways, but your frequent customers will know the distance is worth it." Silas said, folding his hands on his knee. Bartlebee put his hands on his hips as he listened.

"Pom? I don't know her. It doesnt matter, I need to make it happen. My cells have grown stale." Silas smiled at him.

"Speaking of which..." Silas said with a small hiss in his voice. "Do you have any girly boys for me to frisk? Its been a while."

"A plethora, old friend." Bartlebee grinned.

By 2pm Bartlebee had a carriage full of slaves to auction off, covered in a canvas blanket and tied tight. He drove it alongside Eri, allowing Cossette to stay behind with Brandi for this auction. They were greeted by Pom's personal servants, dressed in adorable maids outfits that hung barley past their hips with garters and stockings. Bartlebee greeted Pom as an equal, enjoying the Red Panda's smaller mansions sense of style and quaintness. He stepped into the first room where he recognized several slavers already. Ilurio stood next to Silas by the bar, who was speaking to the bartender with a grin. Rikki sat on the leather sofa, where a group of men and women were talking and laughing loudly. Now that he was here, the auction would begin shortly. Pom was the auction master this evening, and she wielded a black leather thin whip which the guests could hear cracking in the stable by the front door where all the slaves for sale were being kept. They would be brought inside and presented to the guests, then put in individual pens where they will wait for their new master to claim them.
Bartlebee took a seat next to Rikki and smiled as Pom came into the house from the stable.

"Hello everyone! I hope you're getting your liquor on! And I hope you brought your teeth, we have some feisty ones today." She smiled at them all. "There is no schedule. Who would like to go first?"


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