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The Halfway Hotel - A SFW Vore and Belly Kink Discord Roleplay Server


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Heeeellooo there, lost souls! Finding an eternal wandering throughout purgatory to be a bit of a drag? Your paperwork get finagled on the way up above? You've just received a MANDATORY invitation for a permanent stay at purgatory's finest (and only) Halfway Hotel! It's certainly no heaven, but it sure beats hell! Let us sign you into our guestbook…

The Halfway Hotel is a group for belly kink and vore RP in a hotel setting. This is a SFW group, but 18+ is required for the sake of safety. We are trying to foster a safe and casual environment.

This is a literate/paragraph RP server. Please, no script style or first person type roleplay.

There will be events and open positions for hotel staff if there is interest. Currently, we are a new server seeking members to build our community.

Join us here! Join the The Halfway Hotel Discord Server!