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The Internet: friend or foe?



I don't know you, but I'm so happy the internet exists. Where I'm at I feel pretty much like an outcast and yet, thanks to the internet, I'm not totally alone, I am capable of finding other people I can relate to, that share my same interests and whatnot. I tend to overlook that and give it for granted, but the internet really is a blessing at the end of the day, at least for this nerd. Yes there are negative elements to it as well, from simple petty trolls to entire swarms of fanatics (*coughtumblrinascough*) to the horrors of the deep weeb. Often times if these things happen is because of anonimity, a good thing that is painfully exploited. I'd love to see if some people would dare being so disrespectful in real life but I ramble and digress. Anonimity is not the point of this thread.

Like I said before, the internet allows me to find other people like me-ish and that's what I love the most about it. But then I wonder: is it making us lazy? As in, we know the people we like are there so we put no effort in improving our situations in real life since the internet offers a simpler, easier solution. As in, if we didn't have the internet we'd have no other choice but to adapt to our RL environment, as displeasing and as shitty as its people may be, but since we have the internet we're not doing anything about it. Does this make sense to you guys 'n gals? So this brings me to the question: if one is an outcast, unable to fit in in their RL environment, is it because of the internet? Is the internet exploited to flee from our problems rather than facing them head on? This isn't necessarily voluntary but can also happen without one even realizing.

Needless to say, this is different for everyone. Like with everything, the internet too can be abused, much like alcohol, drugs and all that shit and some people are more controlled than others to not let it influence them negatively.

What's your experience with the internet? You think what's been said applies to you? What are your thoughts, opinions blablabla you know the drill. Do discuss

PS: I also love the internet for the free porn and music


I love it, it connects us to the whole world. It's great for my passion, which is learning languages. I'd be lost without it ;p

I'd hardly find anyone to talk in English with and keep honing my skills in the backwater town I live, for example ~

Much less other languages, like Japanese -3-

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I only like the net as a social tool but thanks to google gullible retards will believe anything they read online. And then the idiots who believe the google bullshit become politicians or activists or whatever.

I miss when people were smart.


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I agree, I've liked having access to people of similar interests socially, I know within the fan base everyone is among the same page.

I would think that without it I'd be socially inept anyways. I've been to school for years before smartphones and apps and mobile devices existed so we can't use the "technology makes us less social irl" excuse. Because I used to suffer without a phone with little result, come home and log onto the internet. Today I can ignore people better and not sit in discomfort...on second thought...back then I ignored people too but with these nifty gadgets called books, and video games if they let us bring them.

I only like the net as a social tool but thanks to google gullible retards will believe anything they read online. And then the idiots who believe the google bullshit become politicians or activists or whatever.

I miss when people were smart.

People are dumb, sure...but with unlimited access to any information at any time the opportunity for anyone to be intelligent is there (a shame people don't check sources)


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The Internet has helped as an excellent social device and information source. I've met so many great people with the Internet and I don't think I would have survived high school without the Internet and my interest in writing would wither away without the Internet and the many ways I can use it to improve my craft

Edit: Entertainment is endless on the Internet as well :D

On the other hand, as almost everyone has experienced, I've seen and heard of the most fucked things because of the Internet


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It's incredible to think about really. We are connected to millions and millions of other people, giving us more opportunities than ever before, to find people that we can really bond with. I've made some great friends in this community, and in others, and I hope that never stops. I hope I don't lose touch with my friends.

It's all down to the individual to say whether they will keep working on their "real" life though. Some people are conscious enough of the fear of letting go of the things they care about and waking up from the internet to find it all turned to dust, others probably don't care. I'd say it probably has a degree of..... how much the 'net CAN give a person. What I mean by that is, I can't remember what that movie was, but it was where people were paid to rent out their bodies to an online game, like Second Life, and they were remotely controlled by paying users who could use the bodies for whatever they wanted. And there was this huge fat guy in his underwear in a run-down room and literally all he owned was some monitors and he just spent all his time hooked up to the game, living in some other woman's body.

It'd probably be more tempting to let something like THAT consume your life than, say.... when internet use had just taken off, and the most the layman did with it was send e-mails every now and then.


Lost in the Static
The internet has introduced me to all you guys. I get to chat with people from around the world, ranging from Brazil to Germany, from Canada to Japan. Of course, the selfie thread makes me wish I could just jump through the internet and meet all of you in the flesh, as having friends that live millions of miles away is not convenient for if you want someone to hang out with.


Friend. It should always be free, though. Like, you know. Free from govt say-so and what have you.

It can have bad side effects, such as child porn, and hypnosis stuff to fuck ones head up.

Overall it is a friend, but very basic rules such as no child porn is needed.


That's a good question... As of now - mostly good. But one day it may become self-aware and could turn on us. That is actually considered by many computer scientists to be a very likely possibility one day.....
The Internet is also a bad thing when it is abused by governments to spy on people, or when you realize just how easily pornography is accessible to children. Imagine if a 6 year olds' first exposure to anything sexual was a hardcore bondage orgy. That may just scar them for life. :eek:
in general I think the Internet is humanities' greatest scientific accomplishment. Ever.
It is a massive globe-encircling cyber communication network which allows anyone access information from the combined knowledge of mankind. Not to mention the impact it has on culture, recent history, economics...etc...
If you really think about it, it's just incredible such a thing could even exist!

The Internet itself isn't good or bad *alone*, it all depends on how it's used.
Its a double edged sword IMO. It connects us to the world and other people, but I feel that if not used in moderation it can make one complacent to the point where they will simply rely on the Internet instead of having real life experiences.

Ahkrin Descol

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I'm going to have to go with foe, as useful as it is. I've used it all my life near enough, but making the internet as portable and available as it is now is making the simplest of things a mere memory. Going to a cafe and talking to the ones you brought with you is the new 'weird' almost. It's incredible, but it's been given too easily.


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It allows me to view wieners at any hour of the day, so that's good.

People have always been gullible and stupid, but the internet does provide information to the masses be it useful or utter bullshit. It's the digital equivalent of theGutenberg printing press. Hell, some even want to declare it a universal human right to have access to such a network.


To be totally honest, it's both friend and foe. The internet allows a lot of good, but also allows a lot of bad.


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its a tool, much like a blade. to what use you put it is all upon your priorities


Only funny videos with cats and hardcore space gay porn stand between me and suicide. God bless the internet.

The internet should be censored for the good of the state.

Political, religious, and sexual dissent must be suppressed.
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Ahkrin Descol

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Oh ancient one :)v) what was it like before the internet and why was it so bad?

People didn't have such lacking memories as they couldn't just rely on Googling a matter at a moment's notice, they had to actually retain the information. Airhead doesn't even have a meaning any more.

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Friend, definitely.

I have made lots of friends that way. My best friend/s are from other countries. It'd suck major shite never bumping into them. It also provides an outlet for me to dish out my bad moods and feel better.


It's is whatever we make of it, both positive and negative. I've seen both sides. The internet is invaluable to my career, introduced me to many interesting people, and exposed me to some wonderfully inspiring art, music, and information. On the other hand, I've wasted countless hours covering much of the same ground over and over again, and there are some things I wish I could un-see or unread. Is it worthwhile overall? I'd say so, but I'm still seeking balance.


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I don't know how many of these Internets are carrying these rumors, but they're just wrong. I think the problem here may be more of a question of getting rid of the bad Internets and keeping the good Internets. You know, 'cause I think we can all agree … there're just too many Internets.