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The language thread for languages

Anyone else learning Mandarin, I only speak a little bit of Mandarin, and some Spanish.


Serbian, English, and a tiny bit of Greek after my time spent there.


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C'est bien de voir tous ses francophones sur le forum. Étant au Québec, je parle surtout le français "québécois" quoique je me débrouille très bien avec les expressions et les particularités du français "de France".

I was raised in both french and english so for biligual people I don't really mind which language, you use, just use the one you are more at ease with.

Je peux également corriger des textes en français donc même si vous êtes francophones et que vous voulez faire réviser un texte je vais me faire un plaisir de vous aider.

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German: Es ist mein Lieblingsprachen!
Latin: School taught me. More useful than I thought it would be.
I also took a small amount of french and spanish, but I know very little. I also have a friend that's trying to teach me Tolkien's elvish :D
Also, about latin: Do any other languages have an ablative case? It's so useless...


English: Quite obvious.
Welsh (Compulsary 2nd language eveyone in school does): Helo, syt wyt ti? Croeso i Gymru!
French (Stopped learning this for Spanish): Je deteste personnes....
Spanish (Studing right now, still rusty): Hola! Buenas tardes!

Sorry I can't be bothered to type the code for accents.


I speak mainly English and I'm currently trying to learn French.
If any French speakers want to help me out in conversations for practice, that'd be really awesome


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I /want/ to learn German, but... It's difficult because I'm doing my best to finish the rest of my classes. Finishing music theory today. 3 day completion.


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hello, I've been trying to self teach myself Chinese since over the summer, with reading guides and lessons. The reason is that I went to china over the last summer and made a wonderful friend named Yuan. She's really nice and although she's struggles with english she tried her hardest when we met and still tries now that we are email buddies. Sadly we've only been talking in english and i want to surprise her with sending her an email in chinese for the first time soon.
None of my books have any info about modern email messaging and I've study more on the understand of the characters then anything else. I want to know if there is a proper and/or improper way to start an email. I don't want to mess this up and i really want to try my hardest, but my school doesn't have anyone who knows chinese and she's my only guide to turn to but I don't want her to find out the surprise.


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Better stick my nose in here too.

First language is English (of course), I hold a BA in Spanish (okay, it's really modern languages but the concentration was Spanish as I've studied it for almost 14 years now) and just finished a half-year course in Mandarin.


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hola,me llamo Ángela,soy de españa,vivo en Gran Canaria,tengo 26 años,hablo solo español,pero hutilizo el traductor de google para las cosas que no entiendo o para comunicarme con las personas que no hablan mi mismo idioma,aunque el traductor no es bueno traduciendo XD pero me defiendo,espero hacer muchos amigos y amigas y caerles bien,nos vemos. *abrazos*
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Alguien más en estos foros habla español? Solo conozco a Ariosto pero el vive a 3000km de donde yo estoy >.<
No conozco a nadie de mi pais que hable aqui, me siento solo.... x_x

hola,me llamo Ángela,soy de españa,se que no somos del mismo pais y que no es lo mismo,pero si quieres podemos ser amigos,*abrazo*


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hola,me llamo Ángela,soy de españa,se que no somos del mismo pais y que no es lo mismo,pero si quieres podemos ser amigos,*abrazo*
Hola, Angela. Por favor no hagas doble post, utilice el boton de edicion. Mi espanol es malo, lo ciento.


I speak irish (Irish is taught horribly in the schools in ireland but I'm trying to learn more by doing more stuff in my free time)
I know most of the basics... i think.
I speak a bit of french. (French is taught better than irish)

If anyone here is fluent in irish I would love to be taught a bit more irish because I honestly am terrible


I speak irish (Irish is taught horribly in the schools in ireland but I'm trying to learn more by doing more stuff in my free time)
I know most of the basics... i think.

Consider yourself lucky they teach it at all. I went to school in the North and didn't learn shit about Irish until university, in England of all places. That being said:

Tá neart na n-acmhainní maithe Gaeilge a fhoghlaim ar an idirlíon. Bhain mé úsáid as na cúrsaí BBC Gaeilge a fhoghlaim an bunúsacha. Níl sé foirfe, ach cuidíonn sé.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/irish/articles/view/625/english/ - Is iad na ceachtanna i nGaeilge Uladh, ach tá canúintí den chuid is mó den chineál céanna.

http://translate.google.com/ - Úsáideacha do focail nach bhfuil a fhios agat.

Labhairt mé é mar a chlárú, foirmiúil mar fuck :c


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Jag försöker att lära sig många språk på en gång. Tyska, latin, svenska, japanska, swahili och spanska.
Needless to say, I am not making progress in most of them. Except Spanish. Because my high school offered that much.


I have a BA in German and French, which is said because my French is terrible. I work as a translator (mainly German>English, but have also done Dutch and French to English). I took 4 years of high school Spanish and another year of Spanish in college, but my Spanish is bad, too. Working on Danish in my free time.


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English is my native tongue but I also speak Spanish and Latin. I am currently in an elementary Latin class, but I have studied enough to where I can speak it fluently. It has to be the most interesting language class out of the three I've taken so far. :) I'll also be starting French class and intermediate Spanish next term.


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I'm trying to learn Spanish these days. Anyone have any good resource suggestions? You know, stuff like podcasts, textbooks, iPad apps, etc.