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The Less You Know


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs

The motto behind this game is to start by setting up for something interesting to be followed by information that is obvious, useless, or nonsensical.

Did you know most people were born on their birthday

If you place a cut lemon in your food disposal, your credit score will not go down

Did you know that trees are trees

I will start:

If you stacked 14 giraffes on top of each other......they would be very annoyed
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sleepy kitty

frisky feline
Dogs drool because they have salivatory glands in their mouth.

Deleted member 134556

Your odds of helping a great white shark understand the effects of the last great collapse of the US economic system are not guaranteed to be successful.

Stray Cat Terry

Did you know cats teach you more lessons than most human beings around in real life?

No..? Lucky you! ÒwÓ


vaporeon with Axolotl gill array as neck fin

sleepy kitty

frisky feline
Did you know that attatched to your wrists... are hands??!


Friendly Funky Skunky
The air is made out of air and around it..

Also air!! :0