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The Lonely Man’s Heart


Deleted member 112695

Why Lord must they suffer?
Why, O’ Lord most pure?
Why do they have so much to endure?
Those seeking another,
To find none but loneliness.

What is this loneliness You allow?
Is it not the breaker of many hearts?
The author of many doubts?
It takes their heart to steal,
And empty do they feel.

Like shuttering leaves of trees in a midnight breeze,
The heart of a lonely man swerves loose upon the branch of sorrow,
About to give up for to break within the hour,
Before it can grow its flower.

Like the cherry blossom that blooms in splendor,
So does the lonely man’s heart at a moment so tender,
Though within the day it withers away,
And so he goes away as before astray.

May his heart by Thy grace heal,
For sorrow has found himself at his door.
May his salvation be a sign and seal,
That He is loved still, and still so much more.
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