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The Man With the Iron Fists + Django Unchained [Quentin Tarantino movies of 2012]


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Why have there been no threads made about either of these movies yet?


(Is that... Colonel Sanders???)

Both of these movies look... interesting... to say the least. Awesome casts and gratuitous badassery? You can always expect a movie to be balls-to-the-wall entertaining when Tarantino is involved.
I've only seen 3 of Quentin Tarantino's movies, and only enjoyed 2 of them - I've only seen one Eli Roth film and I didn't enjoy it. I might see The Man with the Iron Fists because Botchtista's in it, but otherwise neither of them look that good :v and that's prolly why there haven't been any threads on'em.
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I'm mildly excited for Django as I've yet to dislike a Tarantino movie, but I'm kind of movied out with all the summer blockbusters. Maybe I'll get more excited when it's actually in theaters.